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  1. fabulousmoolah

    How do you find a hair that suits you?

    Do you know the lady well enough to talk to her? You could ask if she chose it or if she got advice at the salon. Maybe she has a hairdresser who's good at matching a style to a client and would have a good one for you.
  2. fabulousmoolah

    Need help choosing a new concealer

    I use sephora store brand concealer but I mix in a couple of drops or argan oil. I am over 40 and my under eyes will look crepe-y if concealer is too thick. The oil thins it out plus moisturizes the skin so you don't get the dried out cake.
  3. fabulousmoolah

    MAC Petal Power Collection (Spring 2020)

    I haven't been keeping up and missed out on what I would have bought. Is this coming to Nordstrom and Macy's et al?
  4. fabulousmoolah

    MAC Glow Play Blush Collection (Feb, 2020)

    $30 is a lot for a product that's going to have a lot shorter shelf life than a powder blush. Would anybody really use it up before it gets dried out?
  5. fabulousmoolah

    MAC Powder Kiss Lipsticks

    I bought 3 powder kisses with the 25% off code, Stay Curious and A Little Tamed look like exactly the same color on me, pretty disappointed in that but IDK if I want the hassle of returning. I'm hoping they might look different in daylight. I noticed the tubes are more matte than the regular...
  6. fabulousmoolah

    MAC Boom Boom Bloom Collection (March 2019)

    I ordered the fix+ and framboise moi lipstick. The swatches I've seen online of the lighter shades do look too white based for me. I'll wear those shades sometimes but I already have enough without adding new ones. If the lipglass and bronzer make it to goodbyes I'll get some of those. Why a...
  7. fabulousmoolah

    MAC Boom Boom Bloom Collection (March 2019)

    The light pink chalk reminds me of Dame Edna Spectacle which I never ever use for anything. I'm just about 2 shades darker than paper though so I could possibly use the bronzer as blush, if it's red undertone like it says. There are a few bronzers I have that make decent blushes for me.
  8. fabulousmoolah

    MAC Boom Boom Bloom Collection (March 2019)

    I don't think I've ever seen MAC highlighter in a blush size compact. It's usually in the bigger MSF/beauty powder size. That's going to throw off my organization.
  9. fabulousmoolah

    MAC Boom Boom Bloom Collection (March 2019)

    I need at least 6 of these things:heart:
  10. fabulousmoolah

    MAC Powder Kiss Lipsticks

    So these aren't out in time for the 20% code which by the way cancels the free shipping unless you spend $50? I will buy some pieces of the holiday stuff but sephora is going to be getting the $$$ out of me this year.
  11. fabulousmoolah

    MAC Powder Kiss Lipsticks

    I haven't had them deny any of my B2M but I haven't tried any scammy crap like trying to send in parts of a set as individual pieces. I sent in plastic packaging that was bought as singles. I see they say they won't take the minis that are bought individually (and they're not super cheap...
  12. fabulousmoolah

    MAC Powder Kiss Lipsticks

    I B2M through the mail (in the U.S.) and now they don't even give you your pick of any ls in the perm line. You have to choose from a dropdown list of, I think it was, 15. Also they have dropdown choices of what you're sending back that don't include everything you can B2M. For instance they...
  13. fabulousmoolah

    MAC Makeup Masters 2017

    I think I just want the blush duo but if this is it, it looks a little too dark to be called peach and the taupe side is like bronzer dark. It says "blush duo" not blush/bronzer duo". Hopefully swatches will come out before it goes up. I also don't see any gold in the peach.
  14. fabulousmoolah

    MAC X Caitlyn Jenner Collection Jan 5th, 2017

    I wouldn't support Kardashians/Jenners if it was free and the greatest colors ever created. I'd sooner buy a Trump lipstick in a shade called "grab her by the pussy".
  15. fabulousmoolah

    Fake Dame Edna Beauty Powder? I'm looking for What A Dame! and came across this. It doesn't have a signature or overspray and has an unknown name "Delicacy". Was...
  16. fabulousmoolah

    Ideas for storing Mac pigment in new jars?

    I see most girls like storing the pigments upside down in the old jars but the new ones don't have a flat lid. Mine are just in a drawer but does anybody have a better way? I'm thinking of getting a nail polish wall rack for them.
  17. fabulousmoolah

    No Valentine's Blush this year?

    I just looked for it on the site and it's not there, only 3 weeks away from V-day. I love holiday editions and look forward to them. Does anybody know if they're going to put one out this year?
  18. fabulousmoolah

    Mac pigment bottom stickers

    Can some of the experts here give some details about what stickers are what? For example some older ones were clear, some didn't have the impressed stamp for the number and of course now they have the impressed stamp. When did they switch over from clear and when did they switch...
  19. fabulousmoolah

    Hi! I'm new here;)

    I'm a member at makeupgeek and see a lot of people belong to both forums. I like looking through swatch pics and reading reviews since I buy most of my makeup online.