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  1. Q o B

    Magnolia Makeup <3

    well hello...don't think I've posted in YEARS! so glad to see the site is still active!! Kinda 'grew up' here hope I did the pictures right, i'm always getting in trouble for them being too big :( I used - Urban Decay eyeshadow primer potion Eden NYX Jumbo...
  2. Q o B

    Hello Kitty x 3 + 2 others= 5 :)

    1. I did this for the Hello Kitty Event/Party I went to! Eyes: Make Up For Ever Black & White eyeshadows, and for the glitter on the bottom I used NYX hot pink glitter 2. Eyes: Hello Kitty Too Dolly palette, Reflects Very Pink glitter , FaceFront Cosmetics Paint Me Perfect eye pigments...
  3. Q o B

    1st post of 2009..!

    I was in a posting mood! 1. eyes: MAC Intriguing Scarlet palette- the green shadows lips: early bloomer lipglass 2. eyes:MAC...
  4. Q o B

    7 fotds & 3 Halloween Looks..!

    1. eyes: true chartreuse pigment emerald green pig. nars night porter e/s cloudbound e/s and a little bit of Ben Nye's emerald glitter along the bottom. lips: violet duo gloss mixed with parfait amour e/s 2. eyes: beauty marked e/s nano gold e/s with top & bottom lashes from...
  5. Q o B

    Playing catch up :)

    I had to check last time I posted anything, and that was Dec. 31, 2007...YIPES! I usually sign in every now and then but mainly to lurk around. Alot of these might already be on my myspace, so sorry if you've seen them already! anyway, '08 stuff in no particular order! (all mac unless stated...
  6. Q o B

    9 e/fotds + 1 'crazy' one.

    haven't posted in a while..these start from early January til this past monday.. :X Good thing I don't wear makeup everyday, I would never catch up. haha #1 clear sky blue pigment haunting parrot pompous blue contrast ricepaper #2 eyes: brule a light brown/tan no-name eyeshadow...
  7. Q o B

    Originals Contest & New Years Eve FOTDS!!

    soooooooooooo ya....I entered in MAC's Originals contest.. I reallly realllly realllllly would like to win, it would help me in so many ways. Hopefully things go well. I came up with this specifically FOR the contest, it's original, no? Anyway!! here's my entry, withOUT all the stars n...
  8. Q o B

    Last Post of 2007!!! (4 fotds)

    I can NOT believe it's gonna be sounds so weird. I remember when my friends and I were freaking out when 2000 came around. geeezz.. anyway, the first two I made youtube tutorials go take a peek if you're interested in seein them broken down! #1 this one is under smokey...
  9. Q o B

    3 tutorials= 3 fotds.

    I've been messing around with youtube..and it's not going very well. It's actually my computer, I think..I can't upload REAL videos... ;( so for now, just "pictures and text," as someone referred to it. booooo!! Anyway, I did 3 new tutorials last week and here are the end results! #1...
  10. Q o B

    fotds...5 to be exact.

    #1. There was a contact lens guy, posting around the myspace makeup groups, asking/looking for people to 'model' his lenses. SOO..he sent me this fierce blue ones..I am IN LOVE. I've got tons more ideas to do with these, but this is my first one, just straight black. His website is...
  11. Q o B

    I'm so go a bunch of fotds :D

    It's been SEVERAL months...I can't even remember the last time I logged sad. But here I am, doing absolutely NOTHING today and in a posting mood... soooo are just a handfull..I wish they could be bigger, that 600x800 limit is killin me!! BUUT, you can see them in their...
  12. Q o B

    gold/bronze & green/brown

    It's been a while I got a few new pro pigments annnnd I've been tryin to play with them gold/bronze
  13. Q o B

    Rainbow for real this time. :)

    This was for a challenge I did for a group on myspace..sorry if you've seen it already. hehe anyway, ya..rainbow.. and I didn't wear this outside. I think Chrome Yellow as a highlight is too much for the general public. eyes: (top) beige-ing shadestick pink vivid pig. with no-name...
  14. Q o B

    I have a new love in my live..

    And it is a pigment called Clear Sky Blue. I will still forever love chrome yellow and bitter, but not soo much anymore since I have found my new lover. Not the greatest pictures, but they're seriously not the last.
  15. Q o B

    slighty on the Rainbow side FOTD & 'light' EOTD.

    Aloha, just an old stranger who felt like posting. Wasn't goin for the almost-rainbow-look, but whatev. That's what I get when I rush. I was on my way out to the pro MAC store in yes, I did actually go outside like this..always do. nevermind the didn't want to cooperate...
  16. Q o B

    so what else goes with blue brown?

    i just got a lil jar full in the mail sent to me for $FREE.99 from a super nice girl on myspace, how cool is that??!?!?!?!??! so in celebration i thought i'd play with it..... and ya wouldnt you know it later today i got my student pro card in the mail after waiting almost 2 months for it..yay...
  17. Q o B

    if my eyelids were petals..

    so i joined in on a challenge in one of the myspace groups, the challenge was flowers. such a LOVELY topic i think i should try to duplicate flowers more often. eyes: grape pigment ruby red pigment bright fuchsia pigment bright coral pigment golden rod and tons of chrome yellow for...
  18. Q o B

    green for st. patty's day of course :)

    yay for green and #5's ! eyes: (top) beige-ing shadestick for base lime overgrown bitter gorgeous gold for hi-lite lucky green inner corners boot black liquid liner minted eye kohl number 5 lashes (bottom) boot black liquid minted kohl emerald green pigment lips: cultured lipglass face...
  19. Q o B

    a bit of lingerie with culturebloom.... annd another green one

    ive had the lingerie stuff for forever but this is kinda my first time usin a couple of the eyeshadows, i forgot all about them!! couldnt get a better picture of it as a whole,the camera really didnt like my face..but anyway eyes: (top) overgrown on top of blitz n glitz fluidline swish...
  20. Q o B

    just another fotd

    blending wasnt the best but i hvnt done a drk blue/green in a while.. eyes: lucky green (just a tad in the corners) plumage contrast nehru deep truth shimmermoss prussian power point and as always, rice paper for highlight cheeks: breath of plum lips: little vi lustreglass annnd...