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  1. Beryl

    The Non_Blonde blog Gaia sad news?

    I used to read there and this past summer looked at some posts. Went to site today and read that she passed away suddenly in november. Anyone know more?
  2. Beryl

    Junk Journals.

    Is anyone into junk journals?:) I frequently look at Youtube for craft ideas. I was looking for something to use leftovers from various crafts. That is how I found junk journals. I make sizes A6, A5 and travellers journals sizes. It is a nice hobby. And sometimes I just watch what others make...
  3. Beryl

    Moving a makeup collection overseas. Any tips/ideas?

    My DD got accepted into a USA college/uni and will be leaving in a few months. Her dad travels with her to help her move from EU to USA. Over the years she has build a nice makeup collection which she wants to take with her. Has anyone done this also, move a makeup collection abroad and how did...
  4. Beryl

    Online shop USA drugstore brands of colors not imported to EU?

    I live in EU and the colors suitable for WOC I see on the USA websites of brands like Revlon, Maybelline etc are not imported to Europe. Hence my question is there a drugstore in USA that ships to EU.
  5. Beryl

    Korean skincare products? Korean makeup ?

    Recently I became interested in Korean skin care products and Korean makeup. Interested to know if anyone here uses these? And which brands do you buy and like using ?
  6. Beryl

    Korean skincare products? Makeup?

    Browsing online for Korean skincare products I was wondering if any WOC use these. I found a blog of an expat WOC over on who really likes and uses Korean skincare products. Anyone who also uses these Korean products? Does anyone use Korean makeup products...
  7. Beryl

    Loose leaf tea ?

    Recently I got interested in loose leaf tea. Browsing online I found Steepster. Perhaps some members here are also on . I like looking at the tea garderobes of the members there. Also if you could post online shops you like buying loose leaf tea from I am curious.
  8. Beryl

    What's for breakfast ?

    Saturday/weekend breakfast Lemon tea & honey toast, butter & plum preserves softboiled small egg mandarin fruitcup
  9. Beryl

    Revlon online shop delivery EU?

    I have been looking for a long time for an online shop that sells Revlon with delivery to Europe. Anyone know this?
  10. Beryl

    Favorite body butter?

    Curious about everyones favorite body butter ? Do you have more than 1 favorite. Do you have backups of them. Any limited edition body butters that you really liked?
  11. Beryl

    Lipgloss & taste/flavor/scent ?

    I have not bought any lipgloss in years so looking for some information from the lipgloss users on the forum. Any info on taste/flavor/scent/sticky/nonsticky etc. Was reading some reviews online but thought about asking here also.
  12. Beryl

    fall/fell downstairs

    Few weeks ago I had a fall from the stairs landed on my feet. Luckily nothing broken but very painful feet. Anyone had this happen to them also? No christmas shopping at the shops for me so I am home even online shopping is difficult with this.
  13. Beryl

    Crafts DIY beauty/makeup/perfume/etc advent calendar

    Yesterday I was browsing online for christmas gifts and I saw beauty/makeup/perfume advent calendars for sale. So I got thinking about maybe making an advent calendar with small items. I googled diy advent calendars for images of this for some ideas. I think I will use segments of kitchen...
  14. Beryl

    Pigment spots?

    Is there anything out there that really works for pigment spots? I started getting them at 50 I am now 53 and they are high on the cheekbones and seem to have darkened they were lighter when I just had them. I liked using blusher but now I stopped as the spots look strange with blush sort of...
  15. Beryl

    travel shopping buddy

    did anyone manage to get a travel shopping buddy via the forum ? and how was your experience with your shopping buddy ? would you do it again ?
  16. Beryl

    new wardrobe ?

    hello in need of a complete new wardrobe any tips or advice ?
  17. Beryl

    new makeup bag ?

    anyone with suggestions for a new makeup bag ?
  18. Beryl

    Sealed MakeUp

    After years of NO makeup I started buying again and I noticed not all products are factory sealed. So like sometimes people dig the fingers into it and then you buy something well not very hygienic. So why is this I mean why no seal from the factory ? Myself I will not buy unsealed products. Any...