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  1. doll.face

    No hand/book label on the back of my pigment?

    The back of my matte pigment says 2.5G.. there is no little hand/book label just the recyle label. And it's all aligned to the left rather than centered. Is this fake?? The bottom label is fine.. the MAC on the front is fine.. I'm so confused!
  2. doll.face

    Every Fluidline? Every Quad?

    Anyone have a list of all of them that have been produced to date?
  3. doll.face

    Roots then highlights?

    Hi all.. I have been getting highlights to help turn my dark hair into a beautiful blonde without damage. It has worked in the past but I'd prefer this time to be more of a one color. My roots are what seems to be the problem. I don't think I could ever just do a soild color as I think I'm...
  4. doll.face

    Going back to blonde.. help!

    Hi everyone.. I'm a natural dark brunette. I dyed my hair many years ago myself and then decided I wanted to be blonde. I went to the salon and had highlights done. I did that for a few years until I decided I wanted to be bleach blonde. I bleached my hair once myself and then went to a salon...
  5. doll.face

    Is it true...

    That you now have to be a licensed aesthetician in order to work a freelancer in NYC?
  6. doll.face

    Work Clothes?

    Hi Ladies!! I started a job at a Real Estate office in November. I'm the secretary, not an agent. I've been working "work" clothes everyday since. Black, brown, grays, and whites. I'm SO sick of it. I can't stand it!! UGH!! I feel like such a clone or something. I'm so sick of the white long...
  7. doll.face

    Possible to make a living working as a MUA?

    Is it possible to make a living work as a MUA? Freelance? Union? I'm curious. I feel like I haven't see any sucess stories just artists who are already older and succesful! It makes me think negatively sometimes.
  8. doll.face

    MAC glitter gel??

    Can someone give me some more information on the MAC glitter gel? What year did it come out? Was it gel for the hair or body? Colors? Pictures?
  9. doll.face

    Makeup Artist Union

    Does anyone have any more info regarding the union in NYC?
  10. doll.face

    Can anyone help me put together full lists of the following...

    I'm trying to figure out all of the colors released with the following products.. Lipglass Stain Lipglass Tasti Lipglass Glitter All Over Gloss Cheek Hue Shimmersouffle Glitz Gloss Please help me out !
  11. doll.face

    Hot+Sour Paint 7.5G?

    Most of my paints are 6.5G but my hot+sour is 7.5G and looks a little different. Is this normal?
  12. doll.face

    What are the best bra inserts?

    I must know!! I'm already a full C to a D but I want to get some inserts to push my girls together! I've already invested in the best push up bras but lets face it, unless they're fake, they are just not going to push together like that on their own. Any ideas?
  13. doll.face

    Help me find this necklace!!

    I'm looking for some pretty much identical to this : I'd just like it to be a little larger (this one is a 1/4 inch). I can't seem to have any luck finding it! I was pretty sure this was a fairly popular style so maybe I'm just not using...
  14. doll.face

    MUFE HD Liquid or MAC Studio Fix Fluid?

    Which one do you prefer, MUFE HD Liquid foundation or MAC Studio Fix Fluid? I have slightly oily skin, not too much. My skin is a little bit dry but again, not very dry at all. I don't mind having to use an oil blot pad or two throughout the day. I'm looking for light to medium MATTE coverage...
  15. doll.face

    Is it fair to report people who are abusing MAC Pro?

    This is a question I've been wondering for quite some time. I recentely read a post where someone was reported by another member and they were banned from PRO. I've seen a few very well known youtube gurus flat out abuse their Pro cards. It just really annoys me. Especially when I know there...
  16. doll.face

    How should I do my setup?

    Hi everyone.. So, we're in the process of cleaning out my basement. I want to set up a space for my makeup. It's something I've wanted to do for forever so it's really important to me. I already have storage for my makeup I'd just like any ideas on the overall setup. I'm still going to have...
  17. doll.face

    Contracts? Lawyers?

    Hi everyone.. As of recentely, I am *finally* starting to be able to do more freelance work. I did it briefly every once and a while but I never took it seriously. In the past year or so, I have realized it is my passion in life and something I'd like to continue doing. I have used contracts...
  18. doll.face

    Anyone out there who can help me code my website?

    Hi everyone.. I wasn't sure where to put this exactly. I figured this thread was my best shot. I am looking to start my own website. I have made the graphics myself (nothing special) but I really like them. I am now stuck because I have NO idea how to code a website. I don't think it is...
  19. doll.face

    Beemer bumps the old man!