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  1. landonsmother

    pet owners.

    hey everyone! i recently got a puppy. he's a chihuahua terrier mix. he's a little over 2 months old. i got him when he was a week short of turning 2 months old so i'm basically like his momma, training him & taking care of him & such. he is so adorable & very playful & i couldn't imagine my...
  2. landonsmother

    my take on neutral eyes & red lips.

    All MAC unless stated otherwise. BROWS: Charcoal Brown e/s Clear Brow Gel EYES: UDPP Girl Friendly p/p Ricepaper e/s (lid) Twinks e/s (crease) Espresso e/s (outter v) Graphblack Technakohl liner (upper & lower lashline) Cover Girl Lash Blast Mascara (the best mascara everrrrrr!) FACE...
  3. landonsmother

    shop till i dropped.

    today was an awesome day!! first off, went to MAC & hauled on some products from Heatherette, Beauty Powder blushes & other things. I got the following items: Brush Cleaner Humid e/s Velvet Moss e/s Sumptuous Olive e/s Joyous B/P blush Serenly B/P blush True Romantic B/P blush Sweetness B/P...
  4. landonsmother

    N is for Neutral or Nanogold :)

    My FOTD that I wore out on Friday. Very neutral as I was going for a subtle day time look. I'll try to remember what I used :/ All MAC unless otherwise stated. Brows: (Please don't mind them because I am trying to grow them out but they're taking forever!) -Brunette Brow Finisher -Charcoal...
  5. landonsmother

    Fafi this & Fafi that.

    First off, I am long over due for this but better late than never right? So, I wanted to post my Fafi Haul. This collection was quite disappointing & although it was, I still managed to spend a few hundred dollars. So here's what I got in no specific order. -Utterly Frivolous Lipstick...
  6. landonsmother

    because i'm bored FOTN. caution: picture heavy

    so i was bored lastnight & did this look. i was inspired by Memoirs of a Shopping Addict... She did a cotton candy look which was awesome. alright on to the pics now. it's picture heavy so beware. All products are MAC unless stated otherwise. Brows: Brunette Brow Finisher Charcoal Brown e/s...
  7. landonsmother

    N Collection! Finally! Pics Included.

    My counter is always late with releases but they finally got the N collection in so I thought that I'd haul on some products. The collection wasn't really exciting for me but when i saw it in person, i fell in love & one thing that I thought i wouldn't get because of it's texture was nanogold...
  8. landonsmother

    my first FOTD post on Specktra!!

    My very first FOTD. Pictures were taken with my Sidekick 3 so I’m sorry they aren’t the best quality. Don’t worry though, my new camera should be arriving in the mail in 2-3 days! I’m so stoked for that. So with that said, constructive criticism is welcomed but please be nice. LOL. Thanks. &...
  9. landonsmother

    MAC "Originals" Memorabilia e/s

    Just wondering for those who have this eyeshadow, what does your finish say on the back of the e/s? On MAC's website, it says it's a Matte & when I swatched it, it's definitely a Matte but................on my e/s it says that it's a Frost?? Anyone have the same problem? & mine is definitely...
  10. landonsmother


    Okayyyyy so here it goes. It seems like i'm the only person in the world who dislikes fluidline. Is there something that I'm missing? For me, they dry up really fast. No matter how tight I put the cap back on, my fluidlines dry out. I've tried scooping out the top layer & it'll be okay to...
  11. landonsmother

    over-hauled? maybe just a little :)

    okay, so i went to haul on some of the products from "the originals" collection & then some. i ended up doing more damage than i thought i would. whoops. sorry for the ugly resolution pics. i should've just bought a new digi cam instead of all this makeup huh? NOT! LOL...
  12. landonsmother

    what kind of car do you drive?

    just wondering what kind of car does everyone drive. i thought it would be interesting to see what everyone on specktra drives. for me, i drivemy boyfriend's car which is a 2004 nissan sentra SER spec V. he acutally wanted a trucke when we first went to look for a car but i fell in love with...
  13. landonsmother

    Asia, Hong Kong SO FAKE!

    here's more fakes. look at the names of the pigments, most of them are eye shadow names. LOL. & check out her lids on the pigments. kinda off shaped eh?
  14. landonsmother

    finally...a haul after a 2 month MAC break.

    Went to check out the Antiquitease Collections that were released at my counter. Got to actually play with colors & decide which ones I wanted. It was funnnnn This is what I got: Cool Palette (Gift for my co-worker) Metallic Palette (Gift for another co-worker) For Me: Cool Palette...
  15. landonsmother

    pads or tampons?

    hey ladies! just wondering what do yall prefer; tampons or pads?? i've used pads all my life. i'm not comfortable with sticking plastic up there. LOL. i have a fear that there's a possibility of it getting stuck so i refuse to use tampons. what do you guys use??
  16. landonsmother

    bunch of fakes.

    Spotted these fakes while I was surfing ebay. how sad & what's worse is that they made up most of the names for their pigments. sting
  17. landonsmother


    Since Pleasureflush is such a popular item that everyone wants to get their hands on, if MAC was to re-release pleasureflush MSF again, how many back ups would you buy?
  18. landonsmother

    2.5 years of makeup.

    sorry only one picture. i have a few more but i was too lazy to re-size & edit. well ENJOY! I will probably list down what i have in the next couple of days or so. i'm super duper lazyyy! Okay, as promised here's a list of what my collection has. I still haven't got around to buying...
  19. landonsmother

    Flastronic & Rush Metal :)

    I finally got my Flashtronic & Rush Metal haul Soooooo, anyway this is what i got. FLASHTRONIC: By Jupiter e/s Tectonic e/s Ether e/s Mercurial e/s Lovestone e/s Quarry Sky e/s Northern Light MSF Gold Spill MSF Global Glow MSF RUSH METAL: Rushmetal pigment Revved Up pigment Mauvement...
  20. landonsmother


    has anyone heard or bought from this seller before? i bidded on 5 MAC brushes from this seller (all seperate transactions) & never received anythign from this seller. my total was $77. it was so bad that other buyers from ebay were emailing me about how they got ripped off!!! this seller is...