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  1. prsfynestmami

    Hot Pink & Arabic Liner

    I cranked up the contrast in these with Photoshop.. as u can see above the camera didn't do the colors justice: Product List (MAC unless otherwise noted): Eyes-=-=-=- Sushiflower Sugarwhite Fab&Flashy Black Creme Liner Ardell Lashes UDPP Pure White Pigment Fascinating Kohl Feline Kohl MUFE...
  2. prsfynestmami

    Haven't Posted in a LONG TIME!! <<<

    Just playing around today... [sorry for the quality, my digital cam crapped out so i took these on my imac] eyes: ben nye sun yellow bitter vanilla e/s carbon crystal avalanche big t peacocky graphblack black liquid liner (lancome) black mascara (lancome) drugstore lashes mysters-brow browset...
  3. prsfynestmami

    -=- Glitter -=-

    **FYI - I packed the MAC glitter on top of Urban Decay Glitter Liner while it was still tacky. It held all night.
  4. prsfynestmami

    -+- 5 Fotds -+-

    Here I am.... Five fotds from the past few weeks.... . Thanks in advance for comments. Here goes... Eyes: copperclast, blacktrack, primal, vanilla e/s, mystery, black lancome eyeliner Lip: Danse lipstick - Bourjois 3D lipgloss Eyes: Vanilla e/s, blacktrack, mac white eyekohl, random gold...
  5. prsfynestmami

    Her makeup is bad... really bad...

    Hey everyone. I need help. I have this new friend.. and as we southerners say "bless her heart!" We went clubbing last night. I went to pick her up, she was wearing a blood red "hoochie" top with some rhinestone detailing down the center (belly baring top), with a black miniskirt. She asked...
  6. prsfynestmami

    Big Balloonacy Haul and Other Items

    I just put my order in on Dayyyyum! I ordered... 1 Eye Shadow/Pro Palette Refill Pan Shade: Coquette 1 Eye Shadow/Pro Palette Refill Pan Shade: ChromeYellow 1 Nail Lacquer Shade: Vin Goth 1 Pigment Shade: Helium 1 Pigment Shade: Viz-A-Violet 1 Lipstick Shade: Up-Note...
  7. prsfynestmami

    Ummm yea. I spent some dough.

    Barbie Preview Party... Sephora Goodies... And my new love - Strawberry necklace = mucho compliments The end.
  8. prsfynestmami

    Prsfynestmami's Mac Stuff

    Here goes... Hope yall are ready...
  9. prsfynestmami

    Been a while...

    here's a couple fotds i did a few wks ago - 1st one was for new yrs and 2nd one was for my 23rd bday. dont remember everything i used - sorry! I can assure you it's all MAC (except UDPP) Ive been busy as hell with school/work/life so sorry for not posting. look 1: dark soul, nocturnelle...
  10. prsfynestmami

    Stealing my pics from Specktra

    I need to rant, really. I own and run a domain and server space (which I PAID for). I have a directory on there devoted to makeup pics so that I can save the images I post in these forums. My server space comes with some really interesting statistical software that tells me exactly who has...
  11. prsfynestmami

    -=- I Am Back!! -=- ((pic heavy))

    It's been a while, but I'm back. Enjoy! *************do not post photos elsewhere without my permission********** Face: SFF NW20, Studio Finish Concealer NW20 Brows: Embark Black eyeliner: lancome lestylo waterproof pencil Look #1: Light eyes, Bright Lips Eyes - Vanilla e/s as...
  12. prsfynestmami

    New Hair!

    And the best part? It was FREEE!
  13. prsfynestmami

    Not my best...

    but I am going to show ya anyway!! Forgot what I used here... Azreal Blue Lure Patternmaker Warm Eye, the copper was a lot more sparkly
  14. prsfynestmami

    "Out of Town" FOTD

    I'm a few hundred miles away from home on business, and during the evenings I tend to get a little bored in my hotel room. So here's what I did.... Here's another one I did last week. I wore this to a date... such a waste of good makeup...
  15. prsfynestmami

    Back again FOTD

    Hey everyone! I've finally had a chance to post again... Eyes are almond icing, fountainbleu, lilywhite, softwashgrey, almond icing, kitchmas, plumage and violet underground. Face is studiotech NC20, bronzing powder and mocha on cheeks, and sunsparked pearl on nose/cheeks. Lips are subculture...
  16. prsfynestmami

    :: I made up my girls... ::

    This is my friend Martha with only some foundation on... And after, wearing the Sweetie Cake Quad This is my friend Rachael... she never wears makeup. She's wearing gold dusk, plumage, jewel blue and some MAC lashes Let me know what you think
  17. prsfynestmami

    :: Back Once Again Ladies ::

    Sorry for being a butthead and not posting... I've been busy trying to become a licensed insurance adjustor in a couple of states. Gotta make that money, right? Anyway, as always... don't be shy - tell me what you think!!! Eyes - Coco Beach pigment, Vanilla e/s, blacktrack & Mystery...
  18. prsfynestmami

    Identical Blushes?

    Is it me or does Springsheen blush look EXACTLY like Nars Orgasm?? I was comparing them side by side the other day and I was kind of pissed I even bought Springsheen.
  19. prsfynestmami

    I'm Back!!! :: SonRisa Inspired ::

    I've been having a "makeup block"... I have all this Culturebloom stuff and I didn't know how to use it - so here is my attempt at one of SonRisa's looks. I thought I'd challenge myself a little. Let me know if I've still "got it" And here is hers for comparison ... Don't get mad...
  20. prsfynestmami

    Here's my "I'm single - screw Valentine's" look

    On eyes, Vanilla and Pink Opal to Highlight... Coppering and Melon in crease, Melton Muave and StarsNRockets on lid. Spunsilver glitter with Neon60s in tearduct area. Liner is Lancome LeStylo black and black tied. Lips are pink poodle and melon. Cheeks are Dallas and Pink Opal.