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  1. contrabassoon

    Sea Hag FOTD

    Hello again! It's great to be doing looks again! This is another entry for the same Ocean contest on YT. This time I entered the mythical category where we were to create a makeup look based on a mythical creature/character. I chose sea hags. Enjoy!
  2. contrabassoon

    Morena FOTD

    Boy, I've been away for quite some time. But here I am again! This look is for SharksBiteofLife ocean themed contest, and I was inspired by moray eels. I know, weird creatures, but they have such beautiful colours and patterns on their skins. Enjoy! Face Mineralize Satinfinish Lightscapade...
  3. contrabassoon

    Sorbet Shadows FOTD

    Inspired by one of Sephora's trend looks as well as petrilude's sun look. Enjoy! Face Mineralize Satinfinish foundation CG Loose powder Coral blush from pallet Eyes Perky Acid Orange pigment Saddle e/s Off the Page e/s Passionate e/s Espresso e/s Matte light pink e/s from pallet Reflects...
  4. contrabassoon

    Boy George look tutorial

    Enjoy! YouTube - Boy George look
  5. contrabassoon

    Cheshire FOTD

    I went against my own rules and matched my makeup to my shirt. I've been really liking dark smokey looks lately. This was for a nice lunch at the Hotbox cafe. And of course, here's the shirt: Face SheerCover foundation Plum Du Bois blush Eyes UDPP Earthy Riches (purple side wet) Mystery...
  6. contrabassoon

    Boy George FOTD

    Here is a colourful look done by Boy George back in his hot days. Soo beautiful: This was for gypsydancermacaholic's contest on YT. And here is my rendition: Face Full Coverage CG loose powder Merrily blush Chrome Yellow Eyes UDPP Passionate Frosty green e/s Delphic f/l Parrot...
  7. contrabassoon

    Off The Page FOTD

    This is to celebrate the purchase of this beautiful e/s. I am all over the MAC collection when I really should save for halloween. BUT those quads are sooo tempting. So if you see future FOTD's of me using any other products from this collection you'll know that I gave in and bought them ahah...
  8. contrabassoon

    Inner Vamp FOTD

    My inner vamp. A dark creature that roams dark forests. For danalajeneusse on YT. Enjoy! Face SheerCover foundation Plum Du Bois Wondergrass Electric Eel Green liner Eyes Brown pencil liner to do crease Emerald green liner on lid Humid Mystery Your Ladyship pigment UD Lounge Lips...
  9. contrabassoon

    Not for the faint of heart FOTD

    Yes. Another contest entry. This is the Tacky entry for vintageortacky on YT. Based on Divine, the fabulous drag queen from the 70's and 80's. My first full on drag makeup look. It was super fun and I can't wait to do more! Face NC15 SFF (to cover up brow colour) Mineralize foundation Full...
  10. contrabassoon

    Peggy Moffitt FOTD

    My vintage entry for vintageortacky's contest on YT. I based the makeup on Peggy Moffitt, a fabulous american model from the 60s. Enjoy Face Sheercover powder in Buff Pink Swoon Alpha Girl Eyes White pencil liner Pure White Pigment Blacktrack Annabelle black eyeshadow SheerCover mascara...
  11. contrabassoon

    With just a touch of my burning hand Im gonna live my life to to destroy your world

    This here is my second entry to SharksBiteOfLife alien contest on YT. It's a different take on alien, a more monstrous and evil kind of being. I used my buddy as a model since I thought the makeup fits his face better. Anway, enjoy and comment Face Matte Texture SFF NC25 Chartru paint...
  12. contrabassoon

    I'm a space invader, I'll be a rock and roller bitch for you...

    I've been really getting into contests and such since they're such a good way to pratice many types of makeup. Here is my entry for SharksBiteOfLife alien themed contest. I was mainly inspired by Omega, a Marilyn Manson alter ego, Ziggy Stardust, and the Rocky Horror Picture Show. It was also...
  13. contrabassoon

    Moulin Rouge/Cabaret FOTD

    This look was done for xcatherinesbombx Moulin Rouge themed contest. It looks a bit flapperish with the headband but that's all I could find. It's sort of a showgirl/drag look so enjoy! Face Full Coverage Posey blush Merrily blush Blot Powder Eyes UDPP Pure White pigment Smudged Violet...
  14. contrabassoon

    Calaca de azucar FOTD

    This was my entry for MakeupByRisa's candy themed contest. I picked sugar skulls as my inspiration. It was my first attempt at a mask, so it was a lot of fun! I want to do more now. haha Products used: SFF NC25 Blackground p/p Black Tied Persona/Screen Vinyl Feline Stars N' Rockets Canton...
  15. contrabassoon

    Dame Edna inspired!! FOTD

    Hello, possums! This look was done out of boredom/practice. Dame Edna always has super fun makeup looks to match her colourful sense of humor, so she's pretty rad. Anyway, here's my attempt at Dame Edna's super shimmery getup: Face Full Coverage foundation Blot Powder Alpha Girl powder...
  16. contrabassoon

    Warrior Mermaid FOTD

    This look was inspired by MakeupByRisa on YT. The girl is brilliant so check her out!! I did this to get more practice with dramatic looks. Also, since I'm holding off Mac until I do a halloween haul(or probably the black collection) I used products that were similar to the Style Warriors...
  17. contrabassoon

    Cherry oh, baby

    Long live the Shadowy Lady quad. Face Blot Powder NC35 Select Coverup Shugarshot e/s Posey blush Eyes Bare Canvas Shadowy Lady quad Vanilla pigment Plushlash Lips Gingerroot l/l Fleshpot l/s Luminary l/g
  18. contrabassoon

    Prom yoooo

    Easy, simple, and elegant. Face P+P Mineralize NC35 Blot Powder Merrily Helium pigment Lightscapade msf Eyes UDPP Shugarshot Shale Provence pigment Plushlash Feline
  19. contrabassoon

    CoC+more Haul <3

    Finally, the pictures! Chartru is amazing as a base for bitter. If you've got Chartru paint and Bitter e/s you will not need Sharp from the Tempting Quad. *#35 lashes *#7 lashes *Mystery Kohl Power *Feline Kohl Power *Fibre Rich Mascara <333 This stuff will simply never form clumps, no...
  20. contrabassoon

    She's a lady alright FOTD

    This is my wonderful grandmother! I made her up for a dinner she was going to that night. We had great fun Face Studio Fix Fluid NW35 Posey cream blush Eyes Perky p/p Expensive Pink e/s Espresso e/s Mystery e/s Femme-Fi e/s Blacktrack f/l Lips Her own red lip liner and red lipstick