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    Is love possible to find online? Am I crazy? or desperate?

    it is possible, you'll never know when and where you'll find the right one for you.
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    Feeling of Anxiety

    I think it's normal to feel anxious about the current situation because there is fear and uncertainty. But we should not overthink and make sure we take care of ourselves. I do some meditation to avoid anxiety, what about you?
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    Good mascara for watery eyes?

    Lancôme Hypnôse Drama Instant Full Volume Mascara
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    Hope you guys and gals are well!

    I'm good, I hope you feel better soon. rest well and hydrate
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    air purifier

    are you looking for an air purifier or air fryer? I'm confused because the title says air purifier and then in your post you asked for an air fryer
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    What's For Dinner?

    roasted chicken and mac and cheese
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    Have you tried silk?

    I haven't tried that yet, but I've heard friends using silk for their hair
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    Hair & Scalp Treatment Cream

    Yes I also use keratin and it really makes my hair smoother
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    What do you wear when it's freezing outside?

    I wear fleece tights then layer on my favorite jeans, a wool coat and a pair of practical winter boots to keep out the cold. then I would have an infinity scarf and warm gloves.
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    How do you?..

    watch this
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    Hello everyone

    Me too, and I am enjoying it
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    Are multi-vitamins enough?

    is vitamin c included in your multivitamins? check the label, take note that you can only take up to 1000mg of vitamin c a day.
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    lose weight

    exercise and diet is still the best way. if you want fast results, try the Keto diet
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    General Chanel Chat

    i don't like the color, will buy either