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  1. battipatti

    Fake or just old Forest Green?

    I just got this pigment from a very reputable lj seller and MUAer but I've never seen a label like this, I didn't pay too much for it but I do lots of freelance work for photographer friends and I would never ever want to use something that wasn't authentic/ tested for safety on their models...
  2. battipatti

    Two looks

    Nyx pencil in Gold as a base, Palliado concealer and nylon as a highlight, UD Honey, Amberlights, NYX Rust Chocolate brown, Bourjois mascara. EM in light tan, petticoat msf nyx pencil in lime as a base, blue absinthe, plumage, teal/blue storm, concealer and nylon as highlight. EM light tan and...
  3. battipatti

    Is this 190 real?

    I recently purchased a full size 190 brush off a reputable and well known seller on lj, I got it today and I'm afraid I was sold a fake brush. It is stamped as being made in the USA while most of my other brushes say Japan, the handle is very different, and it was stamped in the back intstead of...
  4. battipatti

    Some brush pr0n

    I needed a background for my business cards so I messed around with some of my favorittee brushes and took a few pics. All in black and white cause its so ~artistic~ That's all folks!
  5. battipatti

    First FOTD here :)

    I usually post these on lj, but I decided to not neglect specktra! Face: EM in light tan, medium dark blot powder, stereo rose msf, avon tropical peach blush stick Eyes: Nylon to highlight, ben nye aztec gold, ben nye indian copper, and maroon pigment, carbon to line.
  6. battipatti

    Laura Mercier?

    I've been hearing great things, and asked around on MUA and apparently my best choice for my prom MU is Laura Mercier, I called and made an appointment today, and even though the first lady thought I was a prank calling 11 year old, I finally settled for a noon makeover on May 5th with a really...
  7. battipatti

    MSF and "dupe" swatches

    I recently got both of the Laura Geller blushes that resemble MSFs so here come the comparison swatches! Top to Bottom: Petticoat MSF Laura Geller Blush n Brighten in Berry Stereo Rose MSF LG blush n brighten in Pink Grapefruit Bobbi Brown...
  8. battipatti

    Ultimate Clutch?

    I really need a new way to tote around my MAC, the stickers on my MSFs are starting to wear away and the black lettering on my l/g is rubbing off, so I was considering sewing up something for myself. I have a feeling it would have lots of elastic to hold things in place and lots of padding to...
  9. battipatti

    Pinks for NC35s

    I want to try out some pink lipglasses or lipsticks but I have no clue what would look good, I have no reference pictures of me without make up but my hair and eyes are nearly black. I've been eyeing crystal rose lipglass, so pretty! would it work?
  10. battipatti

    My teensy collection

    I started buying around the beginning on july I think, and this is what I have so far: All of it eye palettes, I'm going to work hard to fill these up Large e/s palette I also have a whopping total of one lipstick, Ruby Woo, go meeee
  11. battipatti

    Another newbie

    Hi, my name is Patricia and I've just started a bit of a collection for myself, man once you start its really hard to stop. Whenever I see someone selling things I'll always think "that is ssooo pretty!!" and have to fight myself to keep from buying it, doesn't always work. I look forward to...