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  1. sexypuma

    For Pei

    I didn't really know where to put this. But anyway, here is the pic i promised. Me (on the left) and my friend Mary. Attachment 1876 please click to enlarge the pic.
  2. sexypuma

    Should i go for these?

    Please help me decide. Do you think i should go for them?;jsessionid=2C707A129238B8B4079B04733E3830 CD
  3. sexypuma


    Hey guys, I thought it would be nice if we could post swatches of the stuff we buy so that others can relate. i have started with the lip varnishes but i am not sure if we should put the pics in beauty of colour or with colour stories. anyway for those who missed the pics, i will have them in...
  4. sexypuma

    pure vanity lipgloss

    OMG! You guys have to try it out. I just bought it I love it already. Will post pics tomorrow. Might also post pics of boldheart (not too much of a fan but looked cute in the bottle) so that people will darker skin will see how it might ome out on them ( i am nc45).