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  1. lola336

    Chanel Essential Makeup Case

    Hi! I saw this at the mall and fell in love with it. It just seems to be great to store some items for travelling. Way more organized than the bag I throw everything in. What do you guys think..over priced? worth it???You cant see the inside here but it has tons of compartments...separate...
  2. lola336

    coco_ape on ebay

    wow. some of these things are so mac mascara..intensils. LOL! i do think those pigment vials are cute though..haha. and look at how oddly long these caps are?? just...
  3. lola336

    209 brush ive been wanting the i got the 5 eye brush set with the se brush. but i forgot to check the full size. its seems to be thicker than what i thought. does anyone have a side by side comparison of the two..or maybe knows if they are slightly different? thanx!
  4. lola336

    Lipglass tubes

    I was just curious if this is happening to anyone else. On my recently purchased lipglasses/lustreglasses, it seems that the MAC logo is wiped away after a few uses. However, my older tubes the logo is still black and not even scraped. I wonder if they changed their printing ink for the bottle...
  5. lola336

    Lure Bait Hooked Mailer

    Did anyone get this in the mail yet? Its a huge 4 page poster of the woman as a mermaid...i saw the pic in a previous post.....ahh i love it...this is going to look amazing on my wall-o-mac LOL.... im loading the pics up is the full size...
  6. lola336

    Ad banner on specktra?

    I looked around the forums and wasn't able to find any info on it. I havent been on in a few days..but today I see this banner....when was an ad banner added? are they paying to advertise here? just curious about it..thanks!
  7. lola336

    Ad banner on specktra?

    I looked around the forums and wasn't able to find any info on it. I havent been on in a few days..but today I see this banner....when was an ad banner added? are they paying to advertise here? just curious about it..thanks!
  8. lola336

    Lipstick smell

    Ok this might sound weird..and it might be because im sick..but from the lingerie it me or do the lipsticks not smell like vanilla. My body suit especially has no vanilla smell at all. My friend also smelled it and i dont think im going totally crazy. I dont...
  9. lola336

    Central Valley, NY CCO (Woodbury Common Premium Outlets)

    i went there yesterday......just wanted to inform anyone in the area - they dont have too much mac stuff...unfortunately.....but items of some interest: kitchmas, deckchair and provence pigment. Hundred degrees pearlizer! few lipglasses....some brushes....nail polish, blushcreme, etc. im...
  10. lola336

    Pink slip e/s Lingerie

    Ok, I love this es but i cant seem to get the glitter to show up. I tried to use it under corn shadestick but no go. Has anyone else tried this es? What do you wear under it? Thoughts on this color?? Thanks!
  11. lola336

    Hipnotique eyeshadow

    Im debating keeping or selling this, but i want to know if anyone here has it and likes it. it seems like a very matte baby blue..and i dont think its going to look that great on me. i dont want to swipe it if it hasnt had good reviews...u know. so does anyone have pics with this color? or do...
  12. lola336

    Olive brush set

    Hey...maybe its just mine..but do all of your brushes fit in the elastics inside the bag? Maybe I put them in the wrong way or I dont have enough wider my contour brush doesnt fit into its holder. Anyone else having this issue?
  13. lola336

    Color stories question

    I noticed in the color stories: Holiday Temptations - October 2004 the mini shadesticks, paints etc. say oct. but they aren't online. Do they only sell that in the stores or are they coming out later???
  14. lola336

    cremesticks vs. lip pencils

    Which is better in your opinion??? I never really used lip liners before but am now starting too. I haven't tried the cremesticks so let me know your thoughts! thanks :-)
  15. lola336


    I cant wait to try these out. has anyone gotten them yet??? How do you think they compare to the pencils? also does anyone have swatches? oh and just a comments...anyone else realize: pencils: 0.05 oz 1.45 g cremestick: 0.25G/0.009 US OZ Thats a huuuge difference, and they cost more...I guess...
  16. lola336

    Eyeshadow ideas for bridesmaid dress

    Ok so i have yet another wedding to be in..grr.... Here is the I dont normally wear brown so Im not sure what color e/s to do for this. I was thinking either something like a smokey eye with dark browns, or somehow implementing copper sparkle..or even using colors in the orange...
  17. lola336

    Bitter/Coppering and Wedding makeup...fist post!

    - deleted -
  18. lola336

    CCB vs Blushcreme

    I wanted some imput on the difference b/w these two items. I currently use ccb's as a cream at first i didnt intend to buy a blushcreme. however im curious to find out if theres a difference as to how they look on..texture..shine...color....let me know..thanks!
  19. lola336


    I just got nighttrain today - finally! This may seem like a weird question, but did anyone notice that their pan is not filled to the top. I checked my goldbit and its more filled. Also, I know that the vp's are less filled due to density...anyway...i just wanted to know if anyone else noticed...
  20. lola336

    Lustrevision lookalikes & comments

    Ok so i hear mixed reviews on these lustre e/s. i guess if u dont like lustres then u dont like these??? I wanted to get casino & night train. Im thinking these are alot like amberlights & anti-establishment??? or black tied? Does anyone have any comments on this?? I haven't seen anyone post...