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  1. MissAlphaKitty

    NC35 - NC40 Ladies - How to make Patina E/S work?

    Do you wear Patina and how are you wearing it? I've tried it on my lid and it looks like such a non-colour on my NC35-NC40 complexion. I'd love to learn how to make it work Thanks in advance
  2. MissAlphaKitty

    Make MUFE HD more dewy?

    I normally use MUFE face & body with full cover concealer. I've stepped up to HD foundation for a one step solution but it's matte and I'm missing the glowy dewy look of F&B but still like the coverage of HD. Anybody have an experience or suggestions? TIA
  3. MissAlphaKitty

    L'oreal vs Lancôme waterproof eye makeup remover

    L'oreal Gentle Waterproof makeup remover vs. Lancôme Lancôme Bi-Facil Eye Makeup Remover Hi ladies, Can anyone comment which waterproof eye makeup remover is better? I know they are owned by the same company but the price difference is literally twice the price for Lancôme Lancôme Bi-Facil...
  4. MissAlphaKitty

    Help!! Dupe for MAC Pink Grapefruit l/g? (drugstore & other brands ok)

    Can anyone recommend a dupe for Pink Grapefruit l/g? Unfortunately, I'm not near a CCO and the pigment + lustreglass alternative is not convenient for me TIA
  5. MissAlphaKitty

    Best champagne colour eyeshadow for everyday?

    I'm looking for great texture & colour payoff brand doesn't matter cost doesn't matter at this moment I love MAC's 'all that glitters' & blonde's gold pigment but I wonder if there is another gem I can pick up for my collection just to have another option for reference: naked lunch is too...
  6. MissAlphaKitty

    Estee Lauder discontinuing 'All Day Lipstick' formulation?

    I visited my Estee Lauder Counter in Sears today and the sales guy told me he thinks that the 'All Day Lipstick' formulation is being discontinued as they haven't received stock in it like forever. Please say it ain't so... Has anyone heard anything about this? After Hello Kitty raping my...
  7. MissAlphaKitty

    Does Studio Sculpt Concealer cause breakouts?

    Has anyone experienced zits or breakouts or skin reactions from the use of the new Studio Sculpt Concealer that came out in the Well Defined collection?
  8. MissAlphaKitty

    Patina e/s how do you WOC use it?

    I really want to use it but looks muddy on me (NC37 - NC42) does that happen to anyone else here? how do u use it? any suggestions or ideas are welcome! TIA
  9. MissAlphaKitty

    How to use the #226 LE small tapered blending brush

    I was lucky enough to pick up all three of the BBR collections brushes and both the 165 cheek highlight brush and 114 smudgy brush are getting lot of use but I haven't quite found how to use the 226... it's kinda pokey for a blending brush and I find myself reaching my monogram 224 instead I...
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  11. MissAlphaKitty

    LOVE for the 165 LE tapered cheek/ highlight brush from BBR collection

    OMG... This brush is one of those examples of how the tools you use can make all the difference. I've never been 100% confident with cheek highlighting but the shape and small size of this brush is perfect , gives u awesome control and makes application pretty much goof-proof... great for me...
  12. MissAlphaKitty

    I'm afraid of my Shadester! NC37-42 ladies how do you use it?

    I bought it because it was sold to me as one of those 'so essential' products for contouring for my colouring. But it looks soooo dark in the pan and I'm kinda a make-up clutz and afraid of ending up with dark stripes. Is there a brush or technique you ladies like to use that might help make the...
  13. MissAlphaKitty

    Complementary brown eye shadows for olive tone skin?

    I'm hoping you ladies can help point me in the right direction: "I'm looking for a MAC eye shadow to use as a brow fill colour." I already have Embark & Espresso but I want a lighter colour for when I wanna do a softer look... I basically have no eyebrows so I shamelessly do the full on drawn...
  14. MissAlphaKitty

    SUGGESTION: MUFE sub-forum?

    I don't why I can't post in the suggestion forum so I'll post my suggestion here. I think MUFE has enough interest to get it's own Sub-forum in the Cosmetic Discussion section?
  15. MissAlphaKitty

    WOC : Monogram

    Ladies... Posh Life lipglass was made for us! so so so damn pretty Like Estee Lauder's "Starlit Pink" reincarnated as lipglass
  16. MissAlphaKitty

    when eye makeup goes wrong... really wrong >_<

    Got my girlfriend to model for my car (PICS) - Forums i'm not making fun of the poor girl she was such a great sport for posing for her boyfriend thank gawd they closed off the thread at 62 pages but that crazy eye make up >_<
  17. MissAlphaKitty

    WOC - MUFE Face & Body Foundation - What concealer combo do you use?

    WOC - MUFE Face & Body Foundation I just picked up #32 MUFE Face & Body but haven't figured out what concealer to use with it What Foundation/Concealer combo do you use?
  18. MissAlphaKitty

    What MAC eyeshadow is the matte version of Ricepaper?

    Love my ricepaper but sometime's it's a lil bit more frost than I would prefer for a day highlighter What MAC eyeshadow is the matte version of Ricepaper? TIA!
  19. MissAlphaKitty

    Estee Lauder Double Wear Light Foundation for WOC?

    I got a chance to check out the Estee Lauder counter today and took a peek at the Double Wear Light Foundation cuz it seems a lot of people love it I noticed it only came on 6 colours is it WOC friendly? Does anyone here tried it? Or uses it? what are your experiences or thoughts about it?
  20. MissAlphaKitty

    Cake Eyeliner vs. MAC Carbon eyeshadow?

    I usually just use my Carbon wet but I'm always looking for that "ultimate solution" HG product/tool If anyone has experience with both Cake Eyeliners & Carbon can you share your comparison of the two? TIA!