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    What would cause this?

    I apologize Jenny_ales, your answer to the original question was to ship back the “manufacture defect”.
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    How is everyone doing today?

    Typical day at the "office". (Me and our hairstylist critiquing our work). I love my job. :)
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    What would cause this?

    As we all know in this industry, returns and refunds are not disputed here. The original question was: What causes this? Do you have another reason as to why this would happen?
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    Tarte Haul

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    How to: Clean Your Makeup Brushes?

    I was taught to clean your brushes after every use. The key thing I look for in brush cleaners, is that they must be quick drying, like in seconds. All of my brush cleaners are instant drying, except the Quo brush shampoo. Here are the brush cleaners I use on a regular basis... (Notice that...
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    Eve Pearl Haul

    My Eve Pearl haul.
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    Eyeshadow help

    Yes, sorry, I meant the red colour range part of the spectrum, which orange does fall into. Well, looks like we're narrowing it down... Another longshot, maybe perhaps the texture? Shimmers and sparkly textures do tend to fall more than say matte textures do. Another longshot... I know you...
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    What would cause this?

    This is what happens when your cream based foundations and concealers are exposed to extreme heat. An expensive lesson. The 4 refill pans, the 2 pots and the palette were all brand new and never used. When the foundations and concealers resolidified, their textures and composition changed that...
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    PPI Haul

    PPI - Premier Products Inc. An alcohol based make-up brand, (Skin Illustrator, Hair Illustrator, Green and Blue Marble SeLr) I use these palettes for covering and concealing tattoos
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    What would cause this?

    Found an example of product sweating... And no it's not moisture. In this example, it's the oil in the foundation that will tend to separate and will cause oil beads. In very hot temperatures, the oil beading will become an oil "slick" on the surface. When cream foundations get extremely cold...
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    Armani Discussion

    Due to Covid-19, our station and tools are kept to a basic minimum. Hence the stark look of my station. Anyways... On this particular show I am currently on, we exclusively use Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk foundations. I love it. It's worth every penny.
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    Charlotte Tilbury Makeup...

    Just your basic out-of-kit effects, like minor blood, cuts, bruises. For anything more elaborate like pieces, we hire Prosthetic Technicians.
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    WOC: what is your fav. contour product ?

    For contouring, regardless of skin tones, (Caucasian, or WoC) I use cremes. For for the topic of this thread. I use Cinema Secrets foundation (old Kit#10) is now renamed 200 series. And Eve Pearl's High Definition Foundation line in Dark and Deep. (I don't use concealers as a contour)
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    What's a great cheekbone Highlight for WOC?

    I use this highlighter palette from Huda Beauty.
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    Life After MAC

    I worked for Lancome from 1998 to 2005? in Vancouver, Calgary and then in Toronto. During that time I was also working on my book and doing the odd wedding here-and-there. I did a lot of creatives and shopped my book around to all the agencies. In the beginning there was a lot of rejections, as...
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    Quality Caddy on Wheels

    Cantoni styling mobile make-up stations -
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    Eyeshadow help

    First off... What colour? 9/10 your are eyes are sensitive to a particular pigment in the shadow. Most people are highly sensitive and then react to red and purple pigments in shadows. Also, are you using clean eye shadow brushes to apply your eye shadow?
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    Charlotte Tilbury Makeup...

    Same powder, different shade...
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    My eyebrows are ruined...

    In our Industry, Beauty Technicians are always hired and fired by clients (actors, celebrities) if they are unsatisfied with the service. We've all been there, even me. They will never take a second chance. Ever. So take your time Fancipants88 and find another esthetician or Brow Technician...