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  1. BettyOliver

    Get look fantastic discount codes - open store?

    Hi everybody, Is anyone using LookFantastic? How do people see its effects? I felt quite well so I wanted to build a retail store, but I don't know how the market is going. Can you share your experiences and who you share about your experiences?
  2. BettyOliver

    Cosmetics - Receive coupons for purchasing 5 or more products?

    Hi everybody, Currently, there are a number of stores that have promotions for customers who buy a certain quantity of products or more will receive a discount or receive a coupon the next time. Can you share more about those places? Thank you for your interest in my problem.
  3. BettyOliver

    Which Dior perfume is the best?

    Hello everyone, Dior is one of the most luxurious fashion brands in the world. They are made from clothes, shoes, ... But maybe the thing I like the most is the perfume from Dior. The perfumes made from Dior have a very beautiful design, the scent is great. Can everyone tell me what is the best...
  4. BettyOliver

    Why MAC cosmetics is so expensive?

    Thanks for your sharing, it really gave me a lot of information.
  5. BettyOliver

    Why MAC cosmetics is so expensive?

    Hello everyone, MAC is a famous cosmetic brand, widely used in the market. Their most other food item is probably lipstick. Their product is probably of very good quality that should survive in such a good market. But is there any reason why MAC products are sold at such high prices? Can anyone...
  6. BettyOliver

    Want to buy a beauty kit for my girlfriend !

    Maybe she will like the MAC set, I will learn more about it. Thanks for your advice.
  7. BettyOliver

    Want to buy a beauty kit for my girlfriend !

    Hi everybody , Next month is my lover's birthday, but I don't know about beauty cosmetics at all. Everyone, please comment on this matter for me? My girlfriend is 24 years old Thank you for all !