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  1. litlaur

    John Varvatos Vintage

    Ok, this is not something my fiance would wear, but I absolutely love the way it smells. Maybe I'm a bit weird, but I'm thinking about getting it to wear myself. Do any of you ladies ever wear cologne? Not unisex fragrances, but MEN'S cologne. There's another one I used before, but I can't...
  2. litlaur

    Sex tape creep

    So one of the radio stations I listen to gets an email from a listener. In his email, he brags about videotaping himself having sex with different women. Actually, he says he's done this with every woman he's ever slept with. Most of them are up for it, he says. The ones who aren't? He tapes it...
  3. litlaur

    Couture Red No. 5 l/s in December Glamour

    On page 78 for those of you who want to find it and flip right to it. I'll try to scan it later. It looks...pretty much like what the color story description here says (Rich raspberry red with soft red pearlized pigments).
  4. litlaur

    It's been a while...3ish FOTDs

    For all of these: Studio Fix Fluid NC25 + Revlon Colorstay Buff + Bare Light Instant Skin Brightener MSF Natural Medium Print e/s on brows BB Black Ink gel liner Maybelline XXL mascara A red look that doesn't make me look possessed or diseased! Excuse the ungroomed brows. Smut Til Daybreak...
  5. litlaur

    Saddam Hussein convicted, sentenced to death i=5087%0A
  6. litlaur

    long overdue FOTD

    I don't think I've posted pictures all summer. My skin has been gross, stupid hormones I accidentally deleted the closed eye pic, eh. I'll try to remember everything I used. Face: Studio Tech Medium MSF Natural Naked You MSF Eyes: Concrete e/s on brows Mulch e/s Bobbi Brown black gel liner...
  7. litlaur

    Makeup photos

    I immediately thought of Specktra when I saw this post on Livejournal I don't want to hotlink, so just click this link to view the photos -
  8. litlaur


    I don't really discuss my faith with most people because it is very personal to me. So that's not what this is about. Would you look down on someone for having different beliefs? I was really surprised to see a post in a LiveJournal community suggesting that members should lose respect for...
  9. litlaur

    finally...good things happening for me

    This weekend, my boyfriend of 4 years proposed to me and today, I found out I got an editing job!
  10. litlaur

    Lure FOTD

    Bored and messing around, of course. I was pleasantly surprised with the dark lip combo, but not with the eyes. I'll try it some other time with a more neutral eye look. Face: Smashbox Photo Finish primer Studio Fix Fluid + Tarte Smooth Operator Select Sheer pressed powder So Ceylon...
  11. litlaur

    she can bat a broken eyelid

    I just haven't really felt like posting lately. My skin is gross lately :crap: I'm going to pick up a concealer today. Face: Studio Fix Stereo Rose msf Eyes: UDPP Concrete e/s Satellite Dreams e/s Naked Lunch e/s Mulch e/s Shroom e/s Blacktrack f/l Benefit Bad Gal Lash Lips: Blankety...
  12. litlaur

    Towel Day today!
  13. litlaur


    Who's graduating this spring/summer? It's not official, but my ceremony was earlier today. I'm so glad to be done congrats to anyone else graduating!
  14. litlaur

    name change

    We have a rather diverse group of people here, so I'm hoping to find someone with a bit of legal expertise or even someone who works in the field. I need to get a legal name change for silly reasons, but it's really my only option. I'll tell the story if anyone really wants to know, it's pretty...
  15. litlaur

    lipstick similar to Poetic License l/g?

    I'd really like to find a similar lipstick, and well, it's LE and sold out anyway. One of the things I like best about it is that it's creamy, so I'm definitely NOT looking for something with shimmer or frost. Thanks in advance! I wouldn't mind lipgloss suggestions, but I prefer lipstick.
  16. litlaur

    she's gotta be strong to fight them, so she's taking lots of vitamins

    It's a bit messy, but I like it. Face: Studio Fix Fluid Porcelain Pink msf Shimpagne msf Eyes: UDPP Smashbox Brow Tech wax Concrete e/s Benefit Bad Gal Lash Hipnotique e/s Meadowland e/s Print e/s Satellite Dreams e/s Digit e/s Sunday Best e/s Lips: Emphatic l/s Show Coral c/g
  17. litlaur

    what does a crazy kitty have to do with a corset?

    absolutely nothing except that they happen to be in my latest photos, and I didn't want to make 2 separate posts. This is Fuzzy. We should have named her something like Nutcase, or something. She's got a bit of a diva attitude too. It's kind of hard to tell, but she's sleeping with her...
  18. litlaur

    That's when we'll explode (and it won't be a pretty sight)

    I'm finally getting into the habit of taking pictures again Face: Studio Fix Fluid (I haven't taken any pictures with this on in natural light, it definitely looks more natural) Springsheen Blush Shimpagne msf Eyes: Smashbox Brow Tech wax Concrete e/s Benefit Bad Gal Lash Shimmermoss e/s...
  19. litlaur

    yay a computer that works properly! (2 FOTDs)

    My boyfriend just built a new computer and it's a thousand times better than my laptop. Uploading pictures onto that was such a pain, I guess that's why I haven't been posting FOTDs lately. I don't want to use anything else now I used the Thunder Eyes quad and Spring Up e/s. Other than...
  20. litlaur

    my hair is very large

    After flat-ironing half of it, no products. It was bigger, but it settled a bit while I looked for the camera. It looked like a half-foot-tall hawk when I first noticed how large it was. not so big, but still big the classic mirror shot. gross hair, but gives you an idea of how big my head...