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    My brand new vanity! (Picture Heavy)

    So sorry for all of the pics (and if you can believe it, there are even more on my blog, haha) but I just wanted to share my happiness with you ladies! This is the vanity my husband ordered over a month ago for part of my anniversary present finally got in today. :)...
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    what mac foundation am i?

    hey ladies... this is a really embarrassing question but i have had REALLY bad luck getting matched w/ foundations. every time i've gone into mac i've been recommended the wrong foundation shade. i seem to keep getting nc40/42 (maybe it's the lighting inside the store? idk) but i...
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    Project 10-Pan FotD!

    please delete
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    In love with Inglot!!

    After hearing about Inglot and seeing it all the time in beauty blogs I finally decided to make my first Inglot purchase... and it definitely wont be my last. I'm going to take my time in planning the next one since I'm currently doing the Project 10-Pan mission. No...
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    My MAC blush haul <3

    This is a collective haul of my blush purchases in the last couple months or so. I've never owned so many blushes before in my life. Thanks for looking, ladies. Enjoy! Today: 6 blushes, a palette, and a secondary #217 brush (my puppy ate my previous secondary)...
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    ** New MAC lipstick organizer! **

    Finally, my patience paid off! I spent months trying to find an inexpensive lipstick organizer to store my MAC lipsticks and lipglosses (which as you all know are bullet-shaped) upside-down so I could read the names. BEFORE (my cluttered traincase) AFTER
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    hello from hawaii. ;)

    hi ladies & gents. this is actually mrs.JC but forgot my pw for that account (disadvantage of having pw's auto-saved/'remembered') and i put an old e-mail addy for a pw reset. turns out i have an acct from 2007. so i guess this is me. have a good day!