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  1. glamdkyi

    Red pin up look

  2. glamdkyi

    Purple ombré lips

  3. glamdkyi

    Pink fusions

  4. glamdkyi

    Fotd new foundation no more orange

    Natural look I used dark brown gel liner in ruby kisses yes ladies these brows are smudge proof lol I have on no eye shadow just Demi wispie lashes by radek Mac's highlighter and color correcting pen Set with Ben bye banana powder then I used mufe 173 hd powder all over my face Raisin blush...
  5. glamdkyi

    do you think this job is worth it ??Macy's

    I've been a partime freelance artist for about 3 yrs I just decided to go full time so now I am in overtime trying to build clientelle so I interviewed at macys for a makeup postion..there were none available so my first reaction was why did you interview me if there were no positions lol so...