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10 top hardest to find MAC Items


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What do you all think is the top 10 most hard to find items? Or most rare. If you can find it on ebay every week it doesn't count. Just curious what everyone thinks.


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MAC Purple Matte pigment (Still trying to find even a sample of it!!)
MAC Bronze Pigment
MAC Brass Pigment
MAC Copper Pigment (not metal people)
MAC Green Matte Pigment
MAC Yellow Matte Pigment
MAC Auburn Matte Pigment
MAC Mustard Matte Pigment
MAC Turquoise Matte Pigment
MAC Pleasureflush MSF


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Turquoise matte pigment is not that hard to find. You can still have samples from ebay, there are lots! Though they seem to be a bit expensive. I have swaped half a jar not so long ago, and it took me long to find someone who asked for it!!

The rest of the pigments I agree. I can't find samples of ANY!


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1) Judy Blue eye shadow
2) Luella Sticky Wicket Lipgloss
3) Heatherette Lipstick
4) Parrot Eye Shadow


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Any of the really old d/c eyeshadows:

Glitz, Clone, Sleek, Fusion, Paisley, Marz, Fluff, Aegean Green, Apollo, Ashbury, Coppera, Diesel, Ether Blue, Golden Olive (the eye shadow, not the pigment), Gris, Helix, Temper...

Plus, or course, Pretty Twisted.

Those are just the colours I can name off the top of my head. There are lots more long d/c and virtually impossible to find shadows.


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Angry Inch lipglass
Ghetto for Tsubi lipglass
New Year's Yves lipglass
Sexier lipglass

Light Blue pigment (not glitter)

Brown glitter (I've been looking for a sample for more than 2 years)
Green glitter (I've been looking for a sample for more than 2 years)
Lime glitter and Orange glitter are also quite hard to find, although samples have been available on eBay recently.

Shrimpton lipstick
Sexie lipstick


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china markers are impossible to find!! your right chelsea

parrot e/s
pretty twisted e/s
heatherette lipstick
judy blue e/s


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brass, copper, bronze pigments and the discontinued matte pigments (auburn, green, mustard, purple).

and basically everything that turbokitty said

sexie lipstick too is htf. =)


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Originally Posted by Brianne
Judy Blue, Pretty Twisted e/s
Pleasureflush MSF
Heatherette l/s
All of the d/c'd pigments

i wouldn't consider pleasureflush as extremely hard to find since there have been a couple of people selling it...pleasureflush just goes for a lot. other items like purple matte you just don't find.