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I'm having a dilemma.
I purchased the 182 Buffer Brush about six months ago and it sheds like crazy....I'm mean super sheddage (I know that isn't a word).
I have other brushes that I've had for yeeeeaaaarrrrssss and have never experienced this.
So I e-mailed MAC and they said that they would send me a pre-paid label to return the brush for their review.
What does that mean? I'm I getting a replacement? Why can't I just take it back to Dillards and get a replacement.
On top of that, I will have to be without my brush for an unspecified period of time.
I feel like going to buy a new one in the interim but I know that's ridiculous.
Is this standard practice? Should I call and speak with someone? What should I do?


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Hmm hopefully they will send you one. maybe they want to see it and see what the issue is? Not sure, but make sure you get them to send you a replacement or a voucher or something for a free one.


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I was in the same situation with my 182... and estee lauder asked me to do the same thing. I ended up taking it back to my MAC counter, and explaining what the problem was to them. The MA then used it as I normally would to see if the brush shed like I had said. Since it did, she did an exchange for me on the spot


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deffo take it back! mine hasnt shed a hair and ive had it for about 2 month hopefully mine wont do the same

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Mine shed a lot at first the first three time I washed it. After six months that's not normal. I'd just try to exchange it instead.


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I've had mine (the couture edition) since last year and it has shed maybe 2 or 3 hairs total. I would take it back in person if you can and get a new one. If not, I'm sure MAC will replace it with a new one in the mail. Only problem is you will have to wait for it of course.


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Yeah, it's the waiting that bugs me out.
I think that I'll take it in to see what they can do for me before mailing it.
I just don't know if I can wait...

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