1st US Face Transplant (Amazing!)


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Wanted to share this amazing story!

First U.S. Face Transplant Patient Appears Before Cameras - ABC News

Connie Culp, was shot in face by her husband in 2004


"When somebody has a disfigurement and don't look as pretty as you do, don't judge them, because you never know what happened to them," she said. "Don't judge people who don't look the same as you do. Because you never know. One day it might be all taken away." -Connie Culp.

My heart goes out to her!


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Wow!! medicine is amazing....My father had a eye transplant a month ago...and it still creeps me out because he has one blue eye...and one brown eye....I keep asking him if he knows who the eye came from....he always says Nope...But it's watching you.....

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Wow im also so impressed how the nose and lips look. Now i hope this will give her a little bit of peace in what was such a bad situation.


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The lady in france that had this done is doing remarkably well too. She is even getting some likeness to her old face back. god violence sucks. she is right not to judge, it could all be taken away in an instant.


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They did a great a job.. I'm amazed how far medicine can go. I am happy for her..


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Can I just say how strong this women is!! Her husband SHOT her in the FACE! and shes still here, still strong. Shes a beautiful person, no matter her facial features


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Wow, I really admire this woman. I don't know that I would have had the strength to deal with something like that happening to me. She is amazing.


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I was just reading the story on Connie Culp....Man this woman must be the most forgiving person in the WORLD....and 7 years !!!!!!

This is the part I found amazing.....

During Thomas Culp’s sentencing, she not only eluded to the fact that she will forgive, she also said she would possibly take her husband back. When asked that question this time, she answered... “I don’t regret any of that, I’ll always love him, he was my first love.”

Thomas Culp remains in jail and isn’t expected to be released until 2012, when his 7-year sentence will be complete


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That poor woman. I find it incredibly interesting (and it's obviously tragic) how one blow to the face can destroy a series of bones and make your face... well pretty much collapse. About how after so many surgeries they could not reassemble her face, but they can give you a new one. or a used one.

They did a fantastic job. Obviously, she will never look normal, but damn, she looks close enough. The nose especially!


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It is an amazing time to be alive with all the medical advancements. That is so nice that she can live a better life now. The donor deserves credit, too.

But 7 years only for her attacker? Doesn't seem right. She could very easily have died. There is another woman who was shot in the face and was severely disfigured. Her attacker shot and killed her mother too.

It is sometimes scary to be a woman. Knowing how much abuse there is.

Found the info about the other woman who was shot in the face. Her name is Carolyn Thomas. Here is her video
YouTube - Carolyn Thomas - A Survivor's Story
and site.

Here is a graphic vid explaining how she got her face reconstructed YouTube - The Face of Domestic Violence


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^^ yes that lady was here in Texas.......So sad!! I don;t think she had a transplant though just reconstruction.

Edit...Not just....But I think the other lady was the first US Person to have a face transplant


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Wow that is truly an amazing story. I mean, she was almost killed by her husband, she survives but has ends up with a disfigured face and she's still here. Some people would've given up years ago, but this woman is so strong. May her story be an inspiration to others going through similar situations! She's a beautiful person..


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Connie Culp's attacker used a shotgun, Carolyn Thomas's abuser used .44 magnum.
I hope both women go on to live great lives.

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