*~* 20% off @ Mac Pro Store & Pleasureflush *~*


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Today they had the big sale down on Carnaby Street and ALL stores had 20% off of EVERYTHING... INCLUDING MAC!!!! That is bloody trouble for me because I don't need a reason to haul but I went ready today with a huge list. I had to stand in the que for about 30 minutes to get into the store and then a further 45 minutes to pay... IT WAS CRAZY! I did meet a lovely lady from Specktra which is always good. I didn't see any of the other Specktra londoners there.

I didn't get everything that I wanted because they didn't unpack their shipment yet... which sucks. I am missing 4 e/s that I wanted.

I bought Pleasureflush off of Ebay for a fortune but I love it. It is so worth it and is now my 3rd favourite MSF... My love is Stereo Rose and a close second is Lightscapade.


2 x 15 Pan Palettes
Satin Taupe e/s
Prussian e/s
Brown Script e/s
Cooperplate e/s
Blacktrack f/l (used all of my other one)
Sharkskin s/s
Illegal Cargo e/s
Mineralize Satinfinish NW20



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Gah, Pleasureflush is so gorgeous!! I hope they bring that baby back - I will totally stock up!! And 20% off MAC, too...great haul, you lucky duck!!


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Wow - that's a lot of fantastic stuff! It must have been frustrating to find that you couldn't get some of the eyeshadows you wanted but your bargain (ok, Pleasureflush won't have been a bargain!) haul must still be a pretty good consolation.


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Originally Posted by jasminbarley
Great haul!

I wasn't able to get Sea Me shadestick and Fix+. Glad I got there early, as it sounds like it got even more mad later on.

I know. I wanted Fix+ as well but they didn't have it. I still have half of mine left but it is a staple for me. I go through a bottle about every 4 mos.