3D sonogram


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I am currently 29 weeks and 5 days
I went for a 3D sonogram today to see my baby boy. I think he is gorgeous

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It made me so happy today, because I've been stressed out so badly about money and putting the nursery together. Its driving me crazy! I break down and cry everynight because of stupid things, so this really made me feel 100x better today.

ps- if anyone can help with ideas for the nursery, please post! I am doing an accent wall in teal/chocolate brown argyle. The baby will be in my room too, so I got a brown comforter for me too. I CANNOT for the life of me find a crib set for him that is simple and will still match the wall. The ones I do find that I love, I can't afford.( I am doing this alone, and just lost my job last week)


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just wantedto say thanks for sharing! hope your blessed with a beautiful and healthy baby boy. best of luck during you pregnancy and in the future! health and happiness for you and ur baby xx


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isn't it so exciting to see your baby's face! They turned on the 3D at my anatomy scan and it was just the best thing ever, we hope to do a regular one with family and friends at 32 weeks. Have you tried babysupermall.com for bedding? There are quite a few that are pretty reasonable in price, or you can find what you like and try to find it on ebay for cheaper? just a thought...
I wish you all the best with the rest of your pregnancy and getting the room all finished up!

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Hey ikea do brilliant cots (cribs ) nice and simple and you could use furniture paint safe for cots to paint it a colour and jazz it up a bit!! love the scan pics xxx

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