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Hi Ladies and Gents!

I just want to hear your opinions on my situation, because as you can tell by the title, I'm a little confused.

In December, just before Christmas, I met this really nice, cute guy at my cousin's Christmas party. Turns out, we go to the same college. He told me he had seen me before and we talked for a bit about the school and our courses. He then told me where he frequently hangs out, which my friends and I figured was some sort of invitation or something. So, during the Christmas break, I was kinda hoping I would bump into him when school started. So when it did, lo and behold, I did bump into him.

We hung out and found out that our classes on Friday were beside each other. He asked me to add him on Facebook, which I did. He also gave me his number.

So now that you know the back story, here is the actual situation. Anytime I call he never answers his frigging phone! When I text, he doesn't text back. When I message him, he doesn't message back. He'll call me like 2 days during an entire week, and the conversations are always short. He has asked me to go to the movies and watch the SuperBowl, but stuff happened that I couldn't go.

Now, am I wasting my time with this guy? Should I move on? Or should I confront him on his poor communication skills and ask him what's going on?
Sorry for the long novel, but thanks for reading.


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I just went through a similar situation. He was single for like 2 years prior to us hanging out (i've known him for 3). He never answered the phone when i called and i finally got fed up with it and called him out on it. He kinda blew it off, did get a little better though. Then he really pissed me off by not calling me to cancel for a reason that was totally understandable if he had called to let me know. This fixed a lot!! However, i would only hear from him about 2-3 times a week. We finally just decided to be friends. He was too busy for what he wanted and had to prioritize and be "fair" to me. He was going to school full time and working 30-40 hours a week. There just wasn't time to nurture the relationship. so, all this to say talk to him about it. if he's just too busy with stuff, you'll be better off knowing that now. I used to get SO frustrated and then after we decided to chill a lot of the stress went away. I hope this helps. Talking about things always clears the confusion.


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I would just not waste my time trying to get him to talk to me. If you've already tried calling him, texting him, and messaging him and he doesn't respond except when he wants to, I'd leave him alone. If he wants to talk to you he will. Don't make it seem like your desperate for his attention, most guys don't like that and some will take advantage of that. Just leave him alone. I could see calling him out on it if this was a close friend or someone you talked to on a regular basis for a while and he just all of a sudden started to act like this but, since you just met the guy, it's not worth it.


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Thanks ladies! I've decided to not waste my time with this guy. I guess he just isn't interested, because if he were, he would put more effort into it. And if he does call me, I'll try and confront him then, but I'm not holding my breathe.

Thank you, again!

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i would think he is either not interested or already is involved, either way i wouldn't waste any more time on him.

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