A little more than SHOCKED!

Ms. Z

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What I purchased this month:

Moonbathe: Claire de Lune
C-Shock: Bang on Blue, Big T, Fab & Flashy, Going bananas & Wondergrass e/s & Mega lipgelee
PRO: Pans - Bottle Green, Naval, India Ink & Kid

Sephora: UD e/s primer. Sephora eye brow brush *some of the black handled brushes were 50% off

Duane Reade: NYX 06 Rosey blush, L’Oreal HIP cream liner

I swatched my Bluer Blue (from Delights Warm eyes) to Big T & and they are practically identical.

The new pro extension colors are beautiful. I tried to compare them to some of the c-shock e/s but they were out of stock of the colors I wanted to compare. I would like to see Bio-Green (not like Swimming) compared to Wondergrass and Atlantic Blue and/or Blue Calm (can’t remember which one) to Bang on Blue (I’ll take mine w/me the next time I go to the pro store).


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Re: June 2007 C-Shock & Pro Haul w/color comparisons

I love the pro colors you got, exactly the ones I want to get.

Ms. Z

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Bottle Green is the green I have been searching a long time for. I
it! I finally have something I want to wear w/ my Springtime Skipper.

I don’t like the UD Primer; It makes my e/s look pasty.

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