A pastel-ish, creamy peach l/s? Inspiration pics inside


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When I saw this pic for the Cremesheen collection, I fell in love with the colour on the model's lips.

I assumed it was Ravishing l/s and desperately wanted it. But then I checked out some FOTDs and it is so different IRL to the pic. I think it's my monitor, because when I look at the pic normally it's the perfect colour, but when I adjust the res so I'm actually seeing the model's pores, it's much darker and less creamy. Boo.


I was thinking I'd possibly get it anyway and try layering it with a nude l/s to try to get that effect... but I dno.

It's similiar to what's on Kim K's lips here:


Is there a lippie in existence that matches these as they basically are on screen? It'd be so much easier than layering. For ref I'm about NW15.

Thanks guys.


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I agree with "See Sheer" l/s. It looks like similar to that on me, and I am NW15.

I know you said something about not wanting to layer colors, but in case you can't find an exact match, you could mix Freckletone l/s and See Sheer l/s to achieve almost the same color to the photo you posted.


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I've been looking for a true peach like those pictures for years. No dice. The closest that I've been able to get is Vegas Volt, which is a pinky peach.


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i dont know if its avaianle at a CCO near you or something but Pleasureseeker from NeoSciFi is worth a look.


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Nars Niagra might be worth taking a look at, it's a bit on the coral side but similar.


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Thanks guys!! Keep em comin!

I did a live chat with a MAC MA last night and she said that they *definitely* used Ravishing l/s in that pic, but if I want something more true to the pic as it is online to check out Sandy B l/s paired with Pink Lemonade l/g.

Originally Posted by Ethel
I've been looking for a true peach like those pictures for years. No dice.

It's stunning isn't it? I've just gotten into peaches, I love that look so so much.


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kim kardashian wears a lot of mac makeup maybe there is something on the forums here about her favorite lipsticks. I swear i seen that picture here on specktra before with the exact lip products she used in that photo.


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I played with that shade in person as well (Ravishing) after falling in love with the postcard, and it doesn't look at all like the photo.

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