A year of MAC~


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So this year is when I started buying MAC pretty much exclusively, after giving up on drugstore cosmetics and NYX. Prior to this year I only owned Russian Red lipstick and a handful of pigment samples I'd bought off eBay back when sellers were allowed to auction off samples.

Two things I've really noticed since I started using MAC:

1. I look better and my makeup stays put.
2. I'm broke haha! I didn't spend nearly that much on MAC this year compared to some others, but as a Mom with two kids, a part time job, nursing school, and San Diego living expenses to deal with, this was a real stretch. I'm almost ashamed, but I don't feel so bad because I could have bought clothes, handbags, or shoes instead.

What do you regret buying this year? What do you wish you'd picked up?

I regret buying Glissade. I know it's an older MSF but it's scared me away from the other MSFs that came out this year. It looked so lovely on some of the girls in posted FOTDs, but none of the stores had any MSFs to try last December when I went to look for some, so I went on a limb and bought it. It's way too glittery for me.

I wish I'd picked up Pearl Blossom beauty powder, and maybe Moth Brown from the Barbie collection. I bought Root Beer from NYX as a cheapy dupe and it serves the purpose, but I have yet to find anything close to resembling Pearl Blossom. I guess I'll do an ISO when my tax refund comes around in a couple of months.

Share your stories! This could be a fun thread, especially since this was a crazy year with all the releases
Have a Happy New Year also!


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I wish I had picked up more Barbie items!!

I regret buying Pro Cobalt eyeshadow..I rarely use it, and it looks different to me than it did in the store.

I can't believe this year is coming to an end!It seems like the Barbie collection just came out.


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Since I can only buy MAC online and can't see products in person, I regret buying ALOT of stuff. Off The Radar? What was I thinking? I hate most MSFs I've ordered because they just don't do anything for me. Springtime Skipper isn't all that great either. The Moonbathe blushes doesn't even show on my skin. Ugh.

I love the classics that I recently got, Vanilla and Melon pigments! Love!


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I wish i hadn't picked up half the glitters I did - I never use them! Oh well - I supposse I can sell them.

I am so glad I picked up both the smoke signals quads - so pretty and amazing and wonderful to work with. I'm also happy I bought a So Ceylon msf from someone in the lj community - its my new favourite contour colour.


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after the barbie stuff came out.. i found specktra and ive learnt SOO MUCH its unbeleivable... before specktra i didnt even know anyone put eyeshadow in the crease and i didnt even know what an 'outer v' was.

but before specktra i had Eagar lipstick, Aqualine liquidlast liner, impassioned lipstick, carbon eyeshadow and i think thats all...

then after barbie i wanted soo much, i got 2 barbie things from ebay [springtime skipper and pearl sunshine] and now i get stuff from almost every collection

its amazing how much my collection has grew

and my boyfriend knows how much i love MAC so he buys me most of it which is a god send lol

i just hope by the end of next year i have 10 times more of what i have now lol


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I regret buying most of the C-Shock e/s... I've hardly used any of them because they are so bright but the color payoff sucks. I love Big T, but the rest have been collecting dust in my traincase.

I wish I would have picked up the Smoking Eyes quad, Queen's Sin l/s & a couple of the Barbie e/s.


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I am SO fortunate to be able to go to the stores and counters to SEE the collections in person because the website pics suck. They don't do the products justice. Thank the good Lord for Specktra, though! It helps to see the products and get an idea of what I have to have and what I can do without before I go.

As far as regrets, Blast O Blue lipstick. An MA was SO uberly excited to make this lippie mine. Wore it once with a pink gloss over it and loved the look. But I never reach for it. On top of this lippie I also bought every one of the Antiquitease lipsticks. Weak...I should have just stuck with Queen's Sin. They're all so nudie colored and I have some of those already.

I picked up everything I wanted. I usually over-buy the day the collection comes out and I take a few things back I won't use.


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I regret buying most of my McQueen stuff. The eyeshadow colors have sucky payoff and the paints are so dry.

I also regret ebaying my Danse MSF (not Glissade, but the other one). I want it back!