~* Adoring Teal! *~


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LOVING the new teal pigment I got off of ebay! Love it! I've waited so long to get it.

Ok well seen as everyone was shopping their stash I had a look through my little case to see what has been neglected. Quite a lot actually...Wanting to try out my new Teal piggie I dug out pretty much everything that would go with that I haven't used in a long while, if ever. I love the whole pink and teal thing that just came about, its a shame I got nowhere to show it off today (I gotta work on a how-to of our database to show the temp on monday

~* Face *~
No concealer or foundation today just some MSF Natural in Light and Fashion Frenzy Blush (I haven't used since I bought it)

~* Eyes *~
Rollickin Paintpot
Teal Pigment all over lid
Forest Green in crease and outer lid (Haven't ever used this and I love it)
Hoppin (From Heatherette Trio 1) as highlight
Moodring (From Heatherette Trio 1) in the inner corner and lower lash line
Cloudburst (From Heatherette Trio 1) to darken the crease and lower lash line
Dry Dark Soul Pigment to line (Thought i'd give it another chance...fall out still terrible though)

~* Lips *~
Prep + Prep Lip
Utter Pervette (Goes SO well with Fashion Frenzy!)
Steppin Out Dazzleglass




And I as I said in the shop your stash thread - I got duped on ebay (just the one time mind) and that bloody jar of fake Golden Lemon pigment has just been staring and laughing at me since Christmas so I dumped about a quarter of it into my clear nail varnish and now I have a cool gold nail varnish
And I feel so much better knowing its fake rather than the real thing as I did over tip a lil bit into my carpet


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