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Hi, please I need an advice on airbrushing kit. I am a professional makeup artist for two year and want to go into airbrushing newly. I have about $320 to spare. i want a compressor, airbrush and few products to practice with.
for this amount, what good combination can I get and would last a while as I might not easily get a replacement from my country.
I have read lots of reviews and at the edge of getting confused, lol:). I will also like an airbrush I can use other product in.



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Bump for this thread because I was kind of hoping for some similar information. Though mine is for home/personal use. There's so many options out there and the reviews for some of the best models seem fairly split.


There are many choices actually in Air brushing. Its features, configurations etc. You have to consider the gravity feed, siphon feed, side feed. ​Its also about the external mix and internal mix. I am not an airbrushing expert but this Iwata Neo really gave me the confidence in my selection of my airbrush. I love it!
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I tried Aeroblend Airbrush Makeup kit, and it is really amazing for me! It helped me apply makeup like professionals! You have to consider the type of the airbrush, the color of the foundation, coverage and its effectiveness to make sure that you are getting what you are paying for. It has a double-action brush so you can control the flow easily. It is not hard anymore to create high-quality in no time. It is a full package suitable for professional and personal makeup application. For more information about it and other high-quality makeup kits, this guide about best makeup kits will help you.

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