Affordable moisturizer for combination skin to help make-up stay on longer


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I've been using Aveeno positively radiant daily moisturizer with spf15 for years now and really want to switch moisturizer. I don't want anything too expensive and would prefer something less than 35$.

What moisturizer would you recommend for combination skin that would help my face makeup stay on longer and still hydrate my skin? I tend to get shiny on the T zone but the rest of my face is pretty dry. Sometimes my foundation looks very dry and unnatural but shiny on the T zone...

I tried many primers but they didn't make much difference and a MA told me that maybe i should think about splurging on a better moisturizer since it is the first thing you put on your face.


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it also sounds like to me that you need a suitable primer and set your makeup with a oil control powder. if your moisturizer works for you, i'd keep it.

i have oily/combo skin with dry cheeks oily T zone and this is what is working for me so far:

i use PUR minerals moisture complex as moisturizer <-- i got a sample of this and i LOVE it. if you're in canada, some shopper's drug mart with cosmetics department will carry it. or you can order it online from the website. I LOVE this moisturizer. its not heavy nor oily at all. its not cheap nor expensive. $36 USD for 2OZ is pretty decent i'd say. it works well if you use their mud masque with it too.

i recently got a new primer by sephora called anti-shine primer and its great for oilyness. though u may need a more silicon based primer to fill in pores where you need it.

use oil absorbing powder like the mac prep and prime transparent powder or silk naturals oil control blur is also really great.

for your cheeks, maybe spritz fix+ on a fluffy brush and just pat on your dry areas. or before moisturizing, put some fix+ on a cotton pad and just pat on dry areas.



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I have the same kind of skin you do, and I found that the Olay Regenerist Daily Regenerating Serum (fragrance-free one) works nicely. It's a great moisturizer as it's lightweight, yet still moisturizes those dryer areas. Plus, it's about $30.

Since I started using this, I haven't really felt the need for a primer. I just powder the areas that I usually get a little oily. (Chanel loose powder is amazing.)

I hope this helps, and happy shopping!


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My moisturizer isn't that good but I kept using it because my dermatologist recommended it. >.<

Thank you for all your tips, I am currently using MAC prep + prime transparent powder, I will try the fix + trick.


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Cetaphil is a really good moisturizer; I get it from Target, but I'm sure that you could fine it at Ulta as weel as your local drug store.

Monistat anti chaffing gel works as a really good primer, that too can be found at Target and your local drug store.


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I get this in the UK, I'm not sure if you can get it in the US.

I swear this makes my foundation last longer.

Garnier Skin Naturals - Essentials day
It's a green pot with a white lid. Ideal for combination/oily skin.


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I use Beyond Belief's Vitamin C Day creme under my makeup. I have combo skin also and this stuff is amazing on my skin! It's like $6. I use their vitamn e creme at night cause it's really thick but the vitamin c creme is nice and light. It smells so nice too like an orange creamsicle.


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primers do not do anythign to me neither.. my make up always fades towards the end of the day. i just touch up

but i noticed that if i let my moisturizer really, really sink in before putting my make-up on it does go on smoother and lasts a bit longer. i use neutrongea


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Clinique's Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel is awesome. It has helped me tons and I am in your boat. Dry everywhere but my T-zone I am quite oily. It is only $24 too.


I've been using a combination of products on my sensitive combo skin (I have huge nose pores & a super shiny t-zone) and so far, so good. I prep for makeup with a spray of Fix+ followed by blending Olay Active Hydrating Beauty Fluid Sensitive Skin everywhere on face and neck except for my nose and then gently blot face with a tissue. I then apply a bit of Fyrinnae Velvet-Gel Silica Primer (this stuff is pretty cheap) followed by foundation, loose powder and finish it off with Fyrinnae Fluff powder (also cheap). During daytime, I use Shiseido Ult. Sun Protection SPF 55 because I just turned 30 & have fair skin. I let it set in for a while and then begin the routine mentioned above. I too used the Aveeno PR SPF 15 for a long time but hated dealing with an oily t-zone all day long. I've been very pleased with what I'm using now and have had little to no shine with the products I'm using now. Good luck!


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I think you may need a good primer to help foundation stay longer. I have similar skin as you and I've just tried out Laura Mercier Primer Oil Free formula. It is amazing! Not oily and keeps make up on for the entire day without me getting all greasy in the Tzone. Pls give it a try or ask for a sample and see if you like it. Good luck!


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lol at the dating spam. ^ I have combination skin as well. Garnier's moisture rescue refreshing gel cream is awesome for combination skin. It's lightweight and doesn't leave skin feeling greasy at all which I find even some oil-free creams can do. I use the Garnier over my whole face and neck and sometimes I go over the driest spots with a light oil-free cream afterwords if I need it. Exfoliating every other day has helped me out too. I switch between an exfoliating wash and just using a warm, soaked washcloth- I hold it against my face and then I gently move it in circles, concentrating on areas where skin is starting to pill up-( got that tip from a makeup artist.) I switch between primers but I've found that Make Up For Ever's HD primer is awesome and it's great on dry or combination skin. Fyrinnae Velvet-Gel silica primer is good but not awesome on my dry spots so I use that on my T-zone and MUFE on the rest of my face if I have time. I set my makeup with Urban Decay's De-Slick setting spray. The nozzle on mine got messed up so I've been using a sponge or spraying it on a fluffy brush and applying it that way so it's nice and even. It sounds like a lot but I used to not be able to wear foundation because of how bad my skin looked. The dry spots were so dry and the skin underneath was so oily, it was like the texture of my skin was messed up and anything I put over it showed that messed up texture even more. I've heard model in a bottle spray and MUFE's mist n' fix also work in place of the Urban Decay spray. I haven't tried fix+ but I heard it's actually not a fixative but more of a moisture spray. Also, blotting papers and blot powder can help with your T-zone once it gets shiny. You can get Rice Papers at Sally's or an international grocery for blot paper or try Clean N Clear's version from a Walgreen's or Wal-Mart instead of pricey blotting paper. If your skin problems get so bad that skincare products and makeup aren't helping you should see a dermatologist, if you can.

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If you cannot afford an expensive moisturizer, please just try the Sensitive Moisturizer by Citrus Clear. You will see results instantly. And its under $25....and they always have discounts they mail to customers, so I got mine for like $16. It last 2 months, and has saved my face.

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