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Ugh, same here. Just when I think I've moved on from it, I find myself wondering if I need it. FOMO is strong. I was able to write off the UD Stefani palette, so hopefully I can get past this one. Although I don't think I'll be skipping the TF Peach Palette (whenever it comes out!). Don't care what's in it. Packaging only purchase and proud of it! :p
Not trying to sway you, but I'm in love with mine! I've already used it twice and this is coming from a girl who doesn't usually wear eyeshadow on a daily basis.

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Wow at the Glamglow reviews! Whew thanks for all your comments and saving my face lol.

@Shontay I have the Burberry glow in nude and it's nice very natural but they also have a darker shade now which they didn't have when I got the nude and I'm contemplating getting that one.


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I have an extra $15 off $50 gc that I shouldn't use (like I really need to buy myself more stuff) does anyone want to use it? It expires tonight at midnight (pst I do believe)..


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Those Guerlain Holiday Meteorites are all I have been trying to get with my VIB code. Its the last day, I hope they come back in stock.


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Good luck! Fingers crossed!

You are a good friend indeed! ;)

I succumbed too! After dash4 (sorry don't know names yet) posted the link I was tempted. Basically a bogo 50%. & Especially after being in store & swatching (but unable to buy) the KVD mi vida loca I so wanted! :( I ended up with the UD electric but the Viseart brights was calling my name! So much for staying so low buy all year! It's like dieting. I denied myself & now I want all the pretty stuffs! & I still have my other BI coupon...;)

Thanks! I can't wait to get back into fixing faces. Haha

It's beautiful!

I got my Viseart palettes today from musebeauty.. I really love Sultry Muse palette! The shadows are so soft and creamy, but not so much that they kick up product, like Lorac shadows.. The eye brushes that came with that deal are actually really nice too.

The textures between the shimmer palettes and matte palettes is so different.. The mattes are kind of dry (but they are still amazing and blend like a dream).. and the shimmer palettes are soft and creamy.. Interesting.

I don't usually have sensitive skin, but I went ahead and skipped it today anyway.. I got a Marc Jacobs blush in Reckless and another Kat Von D liquid lipstick (in Susperia) instead.

I know. I was shocked that it was such nice quality. I have only tried BH Cosmetics shadows via Ipsy and I wasn't that impressed, but her palette is super nice.

GlamGlow has all sort of skin irritants in it, especially the SuperMud. beautypedia (Paula's Choice's review board) really gives them low grades. I do like their cleansers a lot (YouthCleanser and ThirstyCleanse especially)..and I recently got the Youthmud mask during their BOGO.. but my skin is very resilient.

But I agree with you -- for people with sensitive skin - contemplating buying their products definitely DON'T.

I want to get a Viseart matte palette next just to see how I like those. The satin shadows are nice, but I need some depth.

I got the Reckless blush and I love it. I accidentally bought the wrong one the first time so I went back for Reckless. I still like the other one though.

I I like my Glamglow! I mostly like the white cleanser and the black mask, but I have 2 of the green masks that I'll probably use in between the black mask.

Why does Ebates jump to 10% the day after I place my order :doh:

I think they play tricks on people. Haha.


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s1649862-main-hero-300.jpg I'm thinking of this. I've been obsessed with building a travel brush collex and I'm missing a brush like MAC 137 and the Sephora Concealer brush. At least with this I get the concealer brush... TBH, there's nothing calling my name. Not even CL lipsticks. I have to move and wrap my head around paying 1000+ a month for 400 sq ft. LOL Hate what gentrification has done to my City.


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Missed the 10% ebates but at least mr rebates had 8% when I ordered last night. Got the Drunk Elephant Day Serum with my gift card. I've been using their Glycolic Night Serum and so far so good. Also been using their sunscreen and I quite like it. Not as drying as most physical sunscreens are on me but it has a shimmer to it that was surprising to me because I didn't see anyone mention it in reviews and I didn't see it it the product description. No white cast either. The marula oil they have is good too, been mixing it with the Solution 10 de Chanel. The redness I have seems to slowly be dissipating which is the first time that has happened for me. None of the skincare for redness I've tried before has done anything.


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I made an order last week with the $20 off $50 gift card for VIBs, and it still hasn't shipped. I've had a tracking number since last Wednesday and it's not been updated since. Just "Pre-shipment info sent to USPS"...and it's supposed to be here tomorrow. I don't know what's up.


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I made an order last week with the $20 off $50 gift card for VIBs, and it still hasn't shipped. I've had a tracking number since last Wednesday and it's not been updated since. Just "Pre-shipment info sent to USPS"...and it's supposed to be here tomorrow. I don't know what's up.
Thats weird, i placed an order thid past thursday and i already got a UPS notification that i will get my stuff delivered tomorrow, i used standard shipping