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On the right in each photo is the fake MAC Fafi lipglass, on the left is my authentic one. Notice the lid on theirs has a raised center (aka, dome or bump) the color of theirs is off which is not as noticeable on the full tube shot but you can see more clearly on the photo of the bottom of the tube. The Fafi Sticker on the lid sticks up a tiny bit higher over cap. Scent is totally wrong as is texture. Also note their font where it says FAFI on the tube is way thicker then it should be. No label on bottom to me suggests they peeled off what was probably a sticker with a number 3 or such on it like the fake Fafi Lipglosses had and they peeled off. I have NO doubt this is 110% fake. Also I has never ordered from them before. I'm very leery of fake makeup online unless it's from a retailer I know sells authentic stuff aka MAC, Macys, Norsstrom. I ordered from here ONLY after I read a ton of reviews here, on the internet and asked a few good friends I've made here who have ordered from them. I am posting this so others can see they obviously DO have at least some fake items. I did email them and will update if they reply.[/quotePlease update us I really want to know how they are going to explain this I'm so disappointed in this company I thought they were on the up and up


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Hi Jennifer, My name is Sheri Butte and I am the owner of ACW. I appreciate your reaching out to us. I have read through your emails and the replies you have received from Nicole our customer service agent. First, I do apologize that you feel you have been sold a fake product. Trust me when I say, this is not at all uncommon as there are a LOT of fake health and beauty products out there on the market and even the wisest of companies get taken. Even the manufactures and beauty companies themselves get accused of selling counterfeit products now a days, so it is something we have come to expect. I want to assure you that the product you have purchased from us is absolutely authentic and we guarantee it. Personally I would never want to be sold a fake/counterfeit product and that is why we would absolutely never do that to our customers. Why? First and foremost, its simply not right. Plus you are correct that the health and safety of the general public could be at risk. That is not something anyone should be playing with, much less a cosmetic company. After all, its just makeup...right? Its certainly not something risking your health for. Please allow me to explain to you something about what we term "Factory Blems". These products in one way, two ways or a hundred ways are deemed "not perfect enough" for retail sale. That is why we get them. We pass on a great buy on a great item that you would not otherwise be able to purchase and would simply end up being disposed of. These items are perfectly safe or we would not buy them. In this particular case, the labeling is incorrect and we clearly state this in the listing. We initially received several thousand units and most had absolutely no stickers at all. Obviously the one you received was the exception in the lot and not the rule since it did have some labeling. In addition to the item you purchased being a factory blem, its quite possible that its simply a bad tube. This can occur with any item, not just the factory blems. Its quite reasonable that more than one issue could be at hand here. Personally, I would hope that anyone would give a company the benefit of that doubt prior to making such harmful accusations in a public forum. In closing, I understand that you are not concerned about a refund, however that is really all that I can offer you along with my word that what you have purchased is authentic Mac. We have confirmed the product is authentic and we stand behind it. Since you are clearly not happy with your purchase, just send it back. Its really that simple. If I may, I would also like to caution you from purchasing any Factory Blems in the future. Due to their non retail perfect nature, it is my opinion that you simply will not be happy with what you receive. It may also be in your best interest to simply purchase direct from the cosmetic companies themselves to prevent such issues in the future. Again, thank you Jennifer for contacting us. If you with to return the product, Nicole will be happy to assist you with this. Happy Holidays to you and your loved ones. Best Regards, Sheri Butte [email protected] On Thu, Dec 19, 2013 at 8:36 AM, Jennifer McCandloss wrote: Hi Nicole, I understand you may THINK this is a factory blemish But it absolutely NOT a factory blemish. It is fake. I can send you photos to verify this as well as links to a few makeup boards I am on that will tell you the same. The lid is not a mac lid, the font is off on front (too large) and the smell and texture are all wrong. Even missing the label only means whoever sold it to you peeled off the fake label. I understand you think it is a factory blemish but selling fake MAC will end up giving your business a bad name that isn't worth the few $ you make. A blemish Is one think fake is another. I promise you this is the latter. I've collected make for years and years and have gotten fakes back when I ordered from ebay years ago. I stopped after realizing how many fakes were on there. I'm not worried about the few dollars I spent on this. I'm more concerned with health and safety issues that come along with using fake makeup products since no one knows what is in them. Sent from my iPhone On Dec 19, 2013, at 10:06 AM, "ACW/" wrote: Hi Jennifer, Thank you for contacting us via email! I have reviewed your claim and would like to disagree. This item is listed as a factory blem and is not the same as the original product as you have shown us in you photo. The factory blem statement is listed below. Whatever the majority of the lot looks like when we receive these items is how we are going to explain them to customers. Please note this is not a fake product and has been sent to us from the manufacturer at a reduced price. They can not sell these items according to the manufacture guidelines. Please let me know if I can assist you further. Factory Blem: Mac Fafi Lipglass in Cult Fave. This tube has no color label or Fafi Girl sticker. No box. FACTORY BLEMS: A factory blem is a product we purchase from the manufacturer at a reduced price as the product is not retail sellable according to manufacture guidelines. This could be due to color variation (from what it should be), missing fragrance, incorrect labeling, incorrect boxing, no boxing, human error in manufacturing, or simply not passing tough quality control standards. ALL Factory Blem Sales are FINAL. Brand names may be removed for product and packaging. Thank you, Nicole & Please read our policies for more information about ordering, terms of sale and shipping/delivery times. It is our hope that our customers are fully informed about our policies so you have a great experience with us.


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Hi does anyone know why it says theres no shipping method to change shipping address when im doing my order and wont allow me to finish my shipping and payment does acw post to perth australia anyone help please


I've ordered from ACW many times and never had any problems. I once got a damaged item, but that was my fault for not reading the description of the item before checkout. Plus I find that Becca items are a lot cheaper on ACW than on Sephora's website.

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