Amazing Fluidlines We LOVE!


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This year was so spectacular for fluidlines! Every single one basically hit it out of the park. I'm someone who definitely likes the quick ease of a eye pencil and a smudgy, smoky eye look, rather than just cat eyes all the time, but THOSE FLUIDLINES!

So many great ones are out there! What are your absolute favorites? Your favorites from this year? Ones you are dreaming MAC will repromote? Dreams of perfect ones that you are still waiting to see come to life?

Let's praise the glorious Fluidline in this thread!


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Just to start things off, here are my absolute favorites!

Wholesome: So much nicer on me than Blacktrack. I love the soft and moist finish and warm black shade. This has to come back!
Dark Diversion: Rich, smooth, dark but vibrant. I use this as brow liner all the time. It's a MAC classic.
Black Ivy: It's the peer and equal of Dark Diversion in every way!
Siahi: Again, it's deep, rich, vibrant and versatile. Needs to come back ASAP, because I'm almost done with my pot.
Midnight Snack: It's grey, it's blue, it's lavender. It's so subtle and sophisticated and makes wings and smoky looks equally well. So glad this is on the way back.
Nightshade: Seems basic, but is the best kind of basic - wear it for any occasion, in any way. Superb for green eyes.

There are so many more, but if I had to edit my f/l collection down to the bare minimum, these are the ones I'd pick.

Let us PRAISE the might Fluidline!

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