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hehe.. here are a few looks on my eyes that i have had. dont mind some of the faces its always wierd taking shots of urself. lol n sorry i cant insert the pics yet ..grrr i need to learn. wasnt there a great t hread on how to do that here?? cc is welcomed ....

ok and the 3rd orange one i just did for fun lol i didnt go out with it (the lipstick). not in day at least

moorange lipstick
crystalized orange pigment
black boot liquid liner

basic ed
nw35 powder
fauz tan bronzer be
mac brow duo

tan pigment
sumptous olive
silly goose
all revealing l/s
stripped down l liner

out to sea
with sushi flower popped in middle

mythology with nylon to highlight



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Very Pretty !
& about inserting pictures.. you can upload it to a website such as photobucket.com or tinypic.com
after you upload it to the website, there will be a little box that says "Direct Link"
to put it in a post, click on the little icon of mountains (in the toolbox above were you type)
then paste in the direct link !

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