Anime Chase Face


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I loved Shmoopy's Halloween Anime Doll fotd so much I wanted to try it for myself, my boyfriend Chase saw it too and thought it was pretty awesome so he let me try it on him. We just did the eyes because he wouldn't agree to more makeup! Thanks again Shmoopy for the amazing fotd!!

Blacktrack fluidline
Smolder eye Kohl
Urban Decay shadow in Graffiti
Random white eyeliner
and some MAC concealer to try and get rid of his crazy eyebrows





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Kickass! I saw something like this a long, long time ago and forgot about it, and you put this up just in time for me to decide what I'm going to do for Halloween. I'm just faaaar too lazy to do anything elaborate, and since I already have a baby face and pink hair and dress like a really drunk seven year old this should be the perfect thing to go for. Thank yooou.


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Haha...thanks everyone! He was a pretty good sport about it, but I think he also had a lot of fun! You should see Shmoopy's though if you haven't already because hers is amazing and she did a whole face. I tried to link it to this one but I couldnt figure it out...but last time I looked it was on page 2 of the FOTDs so look it up!