Another brush question: 224 vs 222 and 217


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ok so I'm brush nut, but do I realy need the 224 brush if I have the 222 and the 217? I use the 217 for blending and the 222 for crease work. So what's the big difference to the 224 and is it really a must have? it looks so big for crease work


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i have the 224 and barley use it,its a shame really,if you have the other two i dont think the 224 is a must have,besides its too big for my eyelids to do proper blending


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i love the 224, thought i've been dying to get a 222...i personally don't touch my 217 for blending, since i think it's not the "look" i want (i use it for concealing, applying cream-based product, and sometimes on the crease for color placement only, but not to blend)...hope that helps


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I have all three and they are completely different to me. I have large eyes with a lot of eyespace so the 224 work well for shading for me, it's fluffier and a slightly different shape than the 222, it's more of a dome shape at the end. The 222 is more narrow and is slightly rounded. It would work in the crease more for me. The 217 is good for blending and shading.