Any recommendations for this makeup?


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, I love this makeup, but I dont know how to achieve that, any help?
I know satin taupe doesnt look like that on me, I'm NW20,
Thanks so much!!



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Try Fresh Cement Shade stick as a base with woodwinked over the top, fibre rich black mascara and lots of it and as a brow bone highlight phloof! or rice paper...


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Face: Margin blush lightly or Glimmershimmer in Ritzy as blush

Eyes: Sunnydaze pigment on lid and crease (and along bottom lashline) and Vanilla pigment on inner eye and under brow to hightlight

Lips: To me, it hardly looks like she's wearing any lipstick lol - But for a nude lippie for this look, I'd recommend Freckletone l/s (I can't pull this off unfortunately, but since your a lot lighter than I, this should work very well) with a dab of Love nectar l/g


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I just got chocolate brown pigment and that it exactly what it looks like on me! GORGEOUS color!! Hooray for chocolate brown pigment!


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a little question do you think she has only one e/s ,the brown that looks like woodwinked ?
or you think she has a lighter e/s in the inner corner of the eye?
I really love this look!!

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