Anybody from SPAIN????????????????????


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Hey girls I'm wondering if you live in Spain cos I'm moving back in a matter of weeks and I do not wanna stop swapping :(

If you are in Spain and on MUA, specktra, or even to go swatching around lemme know!


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Hi Piarpreet! I know I'm a tad late, but then again, I just discovered this forum... I live in Madrid (although won't be there until October; I'm in Brittany, France at the moment... I'll be more than happy to be your NP shopping buddy (or even share mine)! I just started a blog ( on nails and beauty products and just about any other stuff that comes to my mind. Right now, I'm very much into MASGLO nail polish, that is just starting in Europe (although has been in Spain for a couple years already): if you don't know them, I'll be glad to show them to you!


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I work in Madrid and am interested in swapping, buying, chatting, shopping and enjoying cosmetics and brushes.


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I live in Spain, but northwest in Lugo! Nowhere to buy MAC which is annoying! I'm English so I travel to the UK a lot and I can buy MAC at Stansted airport and I can also have things shipped to my family in the uk!!

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