Anyone have a pic or can described old MAC nail polish color "Grid"?


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can't find a pic anywhere! I think it is a purple color, but not sure. Hope that one of you MAC ladies can help me out! TIA


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They used to match lipsticks and nail polishes. Allthough I cannot recall ever seeing the nail polish in Grid, the old LS in Grid was a steel grey, so my guess is that Grid NP is that same colour.

Miz Pina

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How about some help from the way back machine? (where I am just amazed at what you can find with a little exploring!)

Grid Nail Polish (Frost) - Muted purple with icy shimmer

click here to time travel & sneak a peek--->MAC circa 2002


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i LOVE mac polishes. my favourite is Shirelle. the only problem I find with them is that I go through them too quickly


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I used to have Grid nail polish, it was a good few years ago though. If my memorary serves me well, I think it is a purple/grey colour. I know I was heavily into purple nail polishes at that time. I saw one eBay a couple o months ago.


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I discovered a new bottle of MAC "Grid" this week. I used it today and love it. It is a medium shade of gray, with a faint undertone of purple and a slight metallic-like finish

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