ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT WORKING FOR M.A.C - getting the job, interview process, hired!


ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT WORKING FOR M.A.C - getting the job, interview process, hired!

so i decided to start a new thread that can have everything anyone would need to know about working for mac cosmetics ( obviously only the things we can give advice on)! Everything from the interview processes to after you've gotten the job! I've done some looking on the site and some things are a little "out dated" so hopefully starting a new one will help anyone who has any questions or even any comments!

I've been an employee since 2009 and did start off as a freelancer as well! Hopefully I can answer any type of question along with the other members here :)


First and foremost, always, always, always wear ALL black when going to the counter or store regarding employment! Managers want to see your image/style, and also to give them an idea of what you would look like working for the company! so DRESS TO IMPRESS!

*M.A.C doesnt do much or hardly any advertising so their employees are " walking models of their brand." HEAD TO TOE*

Make sure your makeup is on point! Now this doesnt mean cake on your makeup or show off your most dramatic look! (Know your location your applying for AND the types of customers that normally shop there)
You dont want to scare customers away since your m.a.cs "model" a lot of customers look at your makeup to assess your talent or type of style.

When it comes to accessories, only wear gold, silver or black! Dont wear any other colored earrings, bracelets, necklaces, etc. Hair accessories as well must always be either gold, black or silver!


Freelancing: M.A.C hires a lot of freelancers since they do try and hire from within, starting as a freelancer is usually the best way to go. I know now they do hire outside more often then they used to, but if you get offered freelance, take it. You get to have a real idea of what it would be like to work for the company! M.A.C stores are usually the ones who hire freeelancers and the interview process seems to be the same for permanent employees as well.

Interview Process: Now this one seems to vary a little. Usually you will get a call for an interview and itll either be a group interview OR an actual one on one interview. The second interview will more than likely be your "DEMO" interview where you will need to bring a model and will have to do a makeup demo. Last but not least, if you get a call back for another interview CONGRATS youve gotten the job
(or they wont interview you again and let you know you were hired over the phone)

it definitely is a process and it always seems like forever to get a call back! but always give it some time and call them as well! it will show your interested and its something you really want!!


There are many things to remember when doing your makeup interview!
POSTIVE ENERGY is NUMBER 1!!! Always be talking and interacting with your model! Treat her as if she was a customer at the counter and you dont know her/him!

EXPLAIN what your doing and WHY! Why are you using that type of foundation on them?

SHOW AND TEACH have your model looking in the mirror while your explaining what your doing (remember your the expert ) you need to teach them and well as just applying the makeup for them!

CLEANLINESS your station should always be clean! dont make a mess! use the disposable wands and clean brushes!

** Explain Viva glam (using a viva glam lipstick would probably score some points and gives you the chance to talk about what it is) Explain m.a.cs Back 2 MAC program as well! if you have the time "kids helping kids" is a good one to talk about too!**


would you mind telling me what was your first day like? challenges? any advice for my first day. thankx in advance
Thanks for sharing this! I had my Makeup Demo today, the manager pointed out to me that my station should be organize like, putting the foundation on the side, next is the blush, eyeshadow etc. I have a small station, it was like a tray size, so you better make it work even it's just a little space.
Had my interview and demo last week.

Everything went great. How long did they take to call you back?

I am starting to worry

I felt the same way too when I don't received any calls from them after my final interview/demo. What I did, I called the first manager that I talked with (after 3 days of my final interview) to follow-up my application. I found out the manager was busy but when I called them, she said that I got the job! Just call and ask if when will you know about your status of application :) Good luck and don't lose hope :)


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as a freelancer you will only work when needed think of is as a trial artist. freelancers are the people that we look to move up into counter positions when they open and become a real mac artist
Do you have any advice how to be a full-time artist in MAC? Or how does it work? (how long do we need to wait?) Thank you, I will appreciate your help!


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Thank you, I will appreciate your help!

the only full time artist are MAC managers or 3rd key( basically an assistant manager with out the manager title) full time is reserved for tenured artist no one will interview and become full time off the bat. you will ways be part time until you are over 30 hours a week. its very very very hard to be full time i work with artist who have been with MAC for 6 years and aren't full time. its all about numbers
Oh wow that's a long run! So basically, part-time is the possible way after freelancing. Is it difficult also to be a part-time artist? and do you have any advice for new MAC freelance artists out there on how they will often get call to work in counter/store? Sorry for bothering you!



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you have to call them they aren't gonna hunt you down to work. mac has tons of freelancers. remember closed mouths dont get fed. each location has their artist that they like to work. so you need go to every location meet the manager and show them who you are talk to them let them know your available. even if your a freelancer and a position opens somewhere you have to interview all over again. same for us permanent artist i wanted to move to the mac store i had to interview all over again and i have been with the company for a year and a half. i find out next week if i got the position. it can be done its just a lot of hard work. mac doesnt play its all about wanting it and making it happen.
Thank you @paparazziboy for a great advice! I'll keep that in mind! As for me, I was told by the manager that I will do freelancing first in her counter for her to train me before letting me work for other branch.

Good luck for your getting the job! I'm sure you'll get it! Because you seem a very hard working person and an artist!

Thanks again!


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I just had my demo interview on Monday and they called me back wanting to do another demo interview with a different model.
I got really good feedback during my first demo interview. Is it bad that they're asking for another one?