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Applying false lashes TUTORIAL!!


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I use to try and apply my lashes and then put mascara on.....Lets just say it was a mess. Great tutorial!



I'm interested in wearing false eyelashes, however the ones from Ardell and Red Cherry don't quite fit my eye length, They're too short. Can you recommend any brands with longer bands?? Thanks


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I've tried so many eyelash tutorials and still have yet to be able to put false lashes on, I'm going to try you tutorial and hope for the best, you make it look very easy.


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Thanks so much for this tutorial! I learned great tricks! I am not Asian, but 100% have Asian lashes! lol After seeing the before and after pictures, I am totally getting that heated eyelash curler you have for my stick straight lashes! What a difference it made! Regular curlers do nothing! Also, the one and only time I tried fake lashes I think I didn't wait until the glue was dry enough...thanks for the tip about the colour change! Great tutorial! I can't wait to try false lashes again now that I have these tips! =)

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