Ashley Greene shadow and lipstick


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What Mac or Urban Decay shadow would be closest to the one shes wearing?
And MAC lipstick?
I'd ask what foundation but this pic is def airbrushed/photoshopped




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I would try MAC Myth or Creme d'Nude for lipstick. I think Nars Sheerglow foundation give that effect on the skin. Not sure about the shadow -- something like Deep Truth might work. You can always take in the pic to the cosmetic counter and they can give you recommendations also. Have fun!


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Gonna sound odd but that kind of looks like Tilt over a black base. It's not one solid shade though, it looks like they made it lighter at the lash line.

For lips, definitely not Creme d'Nude... that's very sheer. That's more like Myth.


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I'd say a combination of Peachstock and Fleshpot for the lips. There's a definite peachy tone to them.

I agree with the teal shadow over a black base. UD Haight or Peace over Blacktrack would probably get you pretty close.


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Thank you ladies! I've been wantng to try this look for a while now. I'll def try your suggestions


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I wore Birds&Berries yesterday over a black base and it looked a lot like your picture.
Thanks for the inspiration.

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