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Hi guys,

I know this probably shouldn't be in the recommendations section, but I don't know where else to put it.

Can someone tell me if any of the following are eligible for Back 2 MAC?

-The plastic containers that the eyelashes come in
-The mini lipglosses from the holiday collection
-The container that the mini lipglosses came in from the holiday collection

And what can you get for B2M?

Thanks so much!


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I know that "collections" are one item, so if there was, say 6 mini lip glosses in holiday collection, they are one B2M item.
Eyelashes- yes.

You can probably find answers in huge Back2MAC thread we have (search)


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-The plastic containers are def eligible for back to MAC
-ive heard diff things on the mini lipglasses. i think that you have to have all of the empty glosses for it to euqal one b2M. i believe the container they come in is NOT eligible.

heres the link to the thread, but i know its quite a bit to read through:


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Oh and what you can get for B2M depends where you go.

MAC counters only give out LIPSTICKS
MAC freestanding stores do lipglosses, lipsticks, and some do eyeshadows.


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I know from experience that the eyelash cases you can ship to the back to MAC program address along with your other five items and they'll use it (I usually just ship out a package of empties myself!)
Also, as the other posters said, I agree with the fact that if you have a set, you have to return the whole set of things and it counts as 1.



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Um...probably a dumb question, but do you just need the CASES from the eyelashes, or do they want back the old and crusty eyelashes as well? If not, I'm jamming mine all in the same case, and hello B2M.


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There are numerous threads on b2m that answer your questions already, or that you can add on to. Please do a search, thank you.
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