Beat the Heat with Anthony


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Are you sweating? Because I sure am!! Anthony has us covered with three essentials designed to save us from sweating, chafing, and of course, body odor!

No Sweat Body Defense ($22,​

Fight friction and chafing while soothing and refreshing those sensitive areas like inner thighs, chest and underarms. Formulated with all-natural aloe vera, vitamin E and glycerin this cream-to-powder skin barrier calms, nourishes and conditions your skin.
No sweat.jpg

Shower Sheets ($18,

For when you there’s no time for an “actual” shower. Introducing the shower-less sheets to erase sweat and odor anytime, anyplace, (think sweltering summers) with a soft, oversized pre-moistened wipe to freshen up in a pinch.

Shower Sheets.jpg

Alcohol Free Deodorant ($22,

Deodorant is ALWAYS a must! This cooling, calming, all-natural herbal and botanical solid-stick formula soothes on clear without leaving a trace.


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