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Hey all.
I'm kind of dumbfounded with this eye shadow. Does anyone use this really often? I bought this like two weeks ago and I don't know what to use this shadow with? Can someone suggest a good color that would go with Beautiful Iris? I hope everyone one had a good holiday and a good weekend. Thanks for reading and responding.


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I've been using it as a lid color. Today I used it with Shale on the outer half of the lid, Star Violet in the crease, and Blackberry to deepen the outer third-ish of the crease.

I'v also worn it on the inner half of the lid with Star Violet on the outer half and Satin Taupe in the crease.

I just bought it last week, and I'm loving it so far. Going to try it with some pinks tomorrow I think!


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Beautiful iris is one of my favorite purples from MAC! Most of the time, I use it on the lid or inner corner with MUFE #92 on the crease. You can also use it with nocturnelle and sketch. I normally use UDPP as a base and it's good enough for beautiful iris to show up. Its such a pretty color! Let me know how it goes if you try it


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It's one of my favourites. I use it on the lid, Purple Haze on the crease and carbon on the outer v.


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Originally Posted by anita22
It looks beautiful with Parfait Amour.

ditto! i post a fotd with this together with sketch too and its beautiful


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Originally Posted by kittykit
It's one of my favourites. I use it on the lid, Purple Haze on the crease and carbon on the outer v.

Purple Haze in the crease.

Sketch on outer v and/or to add depth to crease.

Base: Estee Lauder's Lilac Petals (paint pot).


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I just used it like 3 days ago on the lid with UD Fishnet in crease and Nocturnelle in outer v and outer crease. Its a great color.


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beautiful iris also looks good over a red base like flammable paint

and i also love it with parfait amour in the crease and phloof to highligh :)


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my favorite way to use it is with Mothbrown! beautiful combo..

it also looks amazing with blues and teals.. i like to use it with Tilt, Freshwater, Steamy, etc.. & as others have said, it is perfect with MUFE 92 and MAC Parfait Amour..

i sometimes use it with my purple looks on the inner tearduct area to brighten and finish up the look.. its a lovely color and great e/s to have!

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