beauty powder & pearlizer?


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ok, these might be lame questions........but i'll ask anyway since i want to know the answers

1) How do you use beauty powders?
- fiance just bought me Pearl Sunshine - I see in some tuts, people use them as blush, while others have it listed unfer "Face" - does this mean that they use the BP all over the face, or certain areas?

2) How do you use pearlizers?
- i want the mini kabuki - seriously, this is the only reason why i'd even consider ordering the Nove Twist pearlizer, but since i'll end up with the pearlizer, i was wondering what are all the possible uses for this - where would i apply it?

these are "basics" in my makeup case such as blush, concealer, pigments - i know what to do with those.



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Personally, I LOVE beauty powders
, but as for where to use them, it depends on the look you're going for. I have NC 20 skin, I use Pearl sunshine over my cheeks and the bridge of my nose(like a light bronzer) I use Pearl Blossom, Sunsparked Pearl, and Shell pearl as a highlighter over blush and bronzer.
However, I use Yogamode and Peaceful all over my face for a "softening" effect(Peaceful when i'm going for a bronzey look).
And Softdew I use as a blush...

As for the Pearlizer, you can use them as a highlighter on top of blush on your cheekbones...


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^^^ is yoga mode more pink than peaceful? i bought peaceful and use it all over my face and it does make me look a tad bit tanned. was wondering if yogamode would give me the pinkish glow. i also ordered soft dew, which i wonder if it's similar to yogamode?


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beauty powders & pearlizers

ok, these might be lame questions, but i'm not familiar with these beauty products.

1) Where are you suppose to apply beauty powders?
- the fiance got me the Barbie Pearl Sunshine. i saw in several tuts it's usually listed under "blush" or "face." ok, so blush, i understand. but for face, do you apply it all over the face, or certain areas?

2) Where do you apply pearlizers?
- seriously, i just want the Nordstrom Novel Twist pearlizer for the mini kabuki brush.....but since it comes with the pearlizer i might as well use it.

and i need your opinion - i'm C4 (NC300) and i tend to buy peach colored blushes and already have matte bronze. but i am trying to add color, so looking and coral and pink lips as well as picking up Fab blush from a specktra sale here. should i get Quiver which is copper/bronze shimmer or Hundred Degrees which is pink shimmer?



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Re: beauty powders & pearlizers

whoa man that was a lot of questions in a few short sentences; you are good.

I love the Pearl Sunshine BP
... I tend to use it on the upper part of my cheeks as a highlighter, above/over bronzer. You could use as you would a bronzer I suppose, where the sun hits, but with a really light hand unless you never get midday greasies... This BP is my favorite, perfect for summer. I use my 187 or 182 brush to apply it and it gives me a great glow.

I've also come to find that this BP looks GREAT as an eye shadow, stays all day without least on my skin tone. I assume you'll really come to like this too, seeing as you mentioned you have a lot of peachy blushes. It will complement them well.

I don't know about pearlizers, don't have any ... yet haha. It's probably the one thing I have always bypassed from MAC, no idea why because everything else I have snatched up like crack. Although, you are right,that mini kabuki IS cute....


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Re: beauty powders & pearlizers

They make excellent blushes or highlighters. Keep them on the highest point of your cheekbones to catch the light in a really flattering, pretty way.


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Have not seen Soft Dew in person yet but my understanding is that it's alot darker than Yogamode. I've heard many people say they use Soft Dew as a blush and have not heard that re Yogamode. HTH!


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well when i apply my pearl sunshine i put it on my cheeks and forehead for a nice shimmery glow


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Depending on the colors, pearlizers can be used different ways:

- as a face highlighter
- as a highlighter or shimmer on collarbones and shoulders
- mixed in with body lotion for a nice shimmer
- toss a tiny bit in with some Fix+ in a travel sized sprayer, shake and use as a shimmer spray

I use my beauty powders as an all over color or, for the darker ones, as contour.


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Originally Posted by mac-me-up
^^^ is yoga mode more pink than peaceful? i bought peaceful and use it all over my face and it does make me look a tad bit tanned. was wondering if yogamode would give me the pinkish glow. i also ordered soft dew, which i wonder if it's similar to yogamode?

Yeah, yogamode is like a light pink on my skin (Nc 20) it just makes my skin look brighter. Softdew is wayyy darker than yogamode, but it makes a good blush or contour...


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Beauty powders can be used as blush or for a general glow to the face applying where you would put bronzer (where the sunlight would hit your face, cheekbones, temples, bridge of nose, chin)

With pearlizers you can use them to highlight, subtle eyeshadow or on top of your eyeshadow for a bit of shimmer.

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