Benefit Boi-ing or Erace Paste?


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I don't know which one to get just from the product descriptions. I mainly need a concealer for my BLUE dark circles but I'll use it to even out the skin on my slightly acne-scarred cheeks, too. I usually use MAC but I did not like MAC Studio Finish as I found it too hard and dry, and it creased under my eyes.


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I use Benefit Boi-ing and it works great for undereye circles because that's what it's made for. I've heard that erase paste is good too, but more for blemishes and such.
I'd say go for boi-ing if undereyes is your main focus, I occassionally use it on my face as well and it works fine on covering blemishes imo.

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I use Erase Paste for mine, and I LOVE it. Mainly for the fact that it covers really well, but it's still super creamy and nice, it doesn't look dry at all, which has been my main concern with concealers in the past.

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