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[h=3]Does anyone know about fake / counterfeit cosmetics?[/h] I recently swapped 3 MAC eyeshadows for a Benefit Erase Paste (to be fair I used them once and never again so they were wasting away).
This girl swapped with me and had used her Erase Paste ONCE and I got it and a few things popped up for me:

1. It came without the box.
2. Plastic Jar, not glass.
3. No ingredients list the sticker on the bottom says peel and I peeled and it says benefit cosmetics underneath no ingredients list on the actual jar.
4. It smells rubbery, doesn't smell like cosmetics.
5. It doesn't seem as pink as I remember and thicker than the tester at Sephora.
6. No batch code imprinted on the bottom of the plastic jar just a letter T.

I am gonna go check out the tester at Ulta and see how it differs.

Does anyone have erase paste who can confirm this fake?


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There's a massive amount of counterfit benefit out there covering most of their product range:( You can easily find the Chinese wholesalers' websites. I've heard their fake packaging is pretty good though.

It actually sounds like you might have gotten a tester since it had a "T" on the bottom? I don't know about benefit testers but I know some brands make testers in special packaging with less information on the labels so that they can be used in different countries.

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