Benefit, KK and Sephora


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Went to Sephora today and did a little haul. I haven't used any of the products expect for the perfume. I got the Benefit Legally Bronze, next I got the Kim Kardashian Eau de parfun roller ball and last but not least I got the Beautyinsider birthday gift.

The gift set came with all full size products for $35 a $105 value, AWESOME deal!!!!




Here are some swatches on nc40/42 of all the items






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Thanks girls I am hoping to use the stuff tonight when I go into work. I will let you know if I like it or not. which I think I will, the sephora e/s and e/l hasn't come off my arm since I swatched it which is pretty good!


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great haul! what a good deal on the benefit! =)

i should be picking up my b-day gift as well. (my b-day was march14th) but i went into sephora a few days after receiving my e-mail for it and they were all out of stock! =( the girl behind the counter didnt even tell me until i asked about it and it seemed like she knew what i was going to ask because as soon as i started she just smiled and shook her head and said "mmmmmm yea no, we dont have any in stock right now"....bitchy-mc-bitchface. and she seemed happy to tell me that, too. so i have another week to get it and i called yesterday and they said they should have them in after this weekend.

sorry about my rant, lol.

anyways, enjoy your new goodies!!!! =)


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^ that susck when the SA are bitchy! The benefit kit was a good deal I actually got one of my friends to go and buy it!