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I'm currently using Revlon Colorstay and while I do really like it, sometimes it looks cakey and a little 'too' matte. Can anyone recommend a really good drugstore liquid foundation for oily skin? I'm looking for one that has medium to full coverage and a semi-matte finish. Thanks in advance for helping.
I have ridiculously oily skin but highly recommend Bourjois' Healthy Mix if you have access to it! I'd say it's medium coverage yet buildable & has the semi-matte finish you're after. It also 'claims' to last 16 hours, I would say on my oily skin it lasts around 12 hours which is actually incredible for me. Hope this helps! Also check out reviews on Makeup Alley for more opinions if you're interested in it :) x


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well revlon colourstay is my first choice but i understand what you mean about it being a little too matte sometimes. have you tried revlon photoready foundation? that is freaking awesome too! nice medium coverage and it has a slight dewy look to it so it's certainly not matte like colourtstay.


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I really like Revlon ColorStay and Rimmel Lasting Finish 25 Hr Foundation. However, I do agree that it does look too matte sometimes and I have oily skin also. I will have the try the Revlon PhotoReady foundation.


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I am totally obsessed with the Rimmel 25 hour. I am super oily in my t-zone, and this gives me oil control [it's medium to full coverage, and buildable] with a semi-matte finish, while still giving me kind of a "dewy" look. I personally think it has the perfect finish. And it lasts forever; I never have to worry about re-applying, only powdering every 4-5 hours because my skin can get a tad oily. But that's just a personal oil is noticeably less when I use this foundation. Also, I've read a few reviews on the 25 hour saying it's only got yellow/pink colors, but I disagree. My shade is "True Ivory" [still pretty dark] and it definitely has neutral undertones. Not a HUGE shade range, but I'm pretty easy to match.


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No7 foundations are more yellow-based, I think. Haven't tried any of them, though; I'm not sure if they're light enough. I like Maybelline Fit Me, but I don't think any of the shades would be golden/olive enough for you. But I could be wrong!


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[h=1]L'Oreal Paris Visible Lift Serum Absolute Advanced Age-Reversing Makeup, SPF 17, Sand Beige, 1-Fluid OunceL'Oreal Paris Visible Lift Serum Absolute Advanced Age-Reversing Makeup, SPF 17[/h]

This is my new HG. It is awesome. I went into MAC to get matched in their foundation and they asked if I had anything on. It really lasts. I am loving the MAC matchmaster but when I want to use a DS make up that isn't expensive, this works really well. Not sure if it is actually doing anything for the condition of my skin, but it supposedly has Vitamin C in it. It definitely has SPF with good UVA protection, which is key!


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Current favourite is the Rimmel London 25 hour liquid foundation--it's replaced my love for Colorstay =]


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mine is also Bourjois healthy mix serum foundation! Amazing satin finish and medium coverage.


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I just got the L'Oreal Visible Lift foundation in shade 106 at Target for $6.98, it was on sale. I haven't tried it yet but you may want to check Target to see if they have some on sale in your shade too.

Edited to add: Here's the link to the Visible Lift foundation. They have one for Normal to Oily Skin. The one I have is Visible Lift with the serum inside. It's not a pump bottle. It's not on sale online but check the store.


1. Neutrogena Healthy Skin - at the moment I love it. It gives medium coverage, it blends out very well. The bad side is that I have to powder it if I want to last longer without shine.
2. Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum - finish is nice but I don't like the fact there is no #54


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It's not liquid but the L'Oreal Dream Mossue (I think). I get a lot of compliments on that one. It's semi-matte and has medium coverage but gives your skin that flawless look like Revlon ColorStay. And doesn't look cakey, ever.

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