Best MAC matte lipstick


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Hi All,

I'm looking for an everyday lipstick and realised I don't own any mattes.
I want something to look natural but give me a tiny bit of color to my face.

I'm NC15, dark brown eyes, dark brown hair and medium - high pigmented lips..I also normally have rosey cheeks too!

I was thinking Kinda Sexy? but I havent seen it in person... and if anyone knows any nice satin colours too I'm open to all suggestions!

Thanks in advance! xx

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kinda sexy is gorgeous its a peachy pinky nude makes lips look great and pouty.
If you like a cooler pink tone pink plaid and please me are lovely too.


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Mac Honeylove is my all time favorite. Perfect pinky nude for me. This with Ample Pink plushglass is a dream! Mac Peachstock is another all time favorite of mine which I picked up from online shopping guide recommendations. This is with florabundance is my staple peachy nude lips.


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I love Kinda Sexy - it goes with everything. If you want to make it lighter/more Nude, I layer a little 2N on top (or use a lighter gloss), likewise if you want to make it more vibrant you can also add a vibrant pink gloss...


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Thanks ladies!

Anyone else? What's the best matte lipstick?

The count so far is : 4 Honeylove, 3 Kinda Sexy, 1 Pink Plaid and 1 Please Me..


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For everyday matte colours I would suggest: Kinda sexy and Pink plaid
For everyday satin colours I would suggest: Viva glam 2, Faux and Twig.

Hope this helps! :)


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Honey love theres something so nice about it. It's my new fave since I just got it a couple of days ago lol before it I was rocking Kinda Sexy.

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